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15+ Pics That Show How Insanely Cold It Got In Texas

Born and raised in Canada, I know a thing or two about wicked winters. Watching southern states experience those same conditions, I feel bad! After all, their homes aren't built like homes up here, meaning they're getting some wicked side effects thanks to these storms.

Let's check a few of them out in this list of pics that show how insanely cold it got in Texas.

"Going to the restroom in Texas today."

The bathroom, the one place that should be untouched by the harsh realities of the outside world. But even here, there is no escape.

"Update to our no power, freezing house in Texas. Kids are warmer!"

They shouldn't have to do all this, but the heat-retention ingenuity here is pretty great. Hopefully, they got power back not long after!

Just to show the sheer amount of snow these residents have gotten.

See that sliver of red underneath the canopy? That's a pickup truck, almost entirely covered in snow. That'll be a pain to brush off.

"My sister’s pool in Dallas is completely frozen over!"

I like that the boogie board is still out. Not having skates doesn't mean you can't have fun on some ice!

"Left the faucet dripping to keep the pipes from freezing. It didn’t work out."

When even the ol' reliable trick starts failing, that's how you know it's bad.

My heart goes out to this poor, unfortunate soul who parked under a pipe that burst.

It may be time to invest in a jackhammer in order to chip all of that away.

"Don’t have power but got this photo of a guy skiing down Congress yesterday!"

Skiing down the streets does sound pretty fun but for everyone who doesn't have skis, it's probably a nightmare.

Luckily, some people had just the right tools to make this bout of cold a little easier.

As this Twitter user wrote, "It is 43 degrees inside my apartment and it’s looking like I might not have power until tomorrow. I’m losing about a degree every hour or two inside. Luckily I have an all-season tent that (kinda) fits in my living room where I plan to sleep [...]."

"Smoked water in [Texas], his do this just to flush the toilet in this crazy weather."

Desperate times call for strange, desperate measures. Whatever it takes!

Something something about taking the high road.

Or just the highway. Given the conditions, I don't blame these guys for hiking it on foot, that's probably safer than being in a car right now.

"Rescuers have saved thousands of 'cold-stunned' sea turtles near South Padre Island in Texas."

I hadn't even considered the potential ecological threat this kind of weather posed to local animals. Luckily there are lots of conservationists doing what they can to help.

"Now there's somthin' you don't see everyday."

I think this picture just about sums up the whole situation!

"My dish soap in the back is frozen solid [...] do [you] see how my faucet is literally coming out of place?"

No liquid amenity is safe from this chill. The amount of plumbers and maintenance workers called to fix pipes after this is all done will be at record highs.

"Husky enjoying the weather in Texas."

If your husky is happily enjoying the weather, that's how you know it's real, real cold.

"An actual photo of a house in Texas during the rolling blackouts."

Thank goodness the owners flew even further south for the season. By the time they come back, this should all be melted.

"Water stored in the bathtub in [Dallas, Texas] froze solid last night."

Even when they try to take standard safety precautions, it's been going all wrong.

"The olive oil froze inside my house."

Remember a few photos back when I said 'no liquid amenity is safe?' Yeah, I really meant it. Anyone up for an olive oil popsicle?

"This is how cold it is at my Apartment."

At least you likely weren't going to be using that fan anyway? Still a scary sight, though.

"When it snows in Texas and no one has any skis or sleds."

There are some people trying to make the best of it, finding the fun. Good for them, too! Some levity in the cold.

"Guess I’ll wait till next week."

When all the snow and ice starts melting off peoples' cars, hopefully, that will be enough of a wash.

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