14+ Surprising Finds People Had To Ask The Internet For Some Help With

Have you ever played internet detective? Seen something that made you go down a rabbit hole of research to find out just what in the world it is?

That's what lists like these are all about, but instead of you needing to do the research, others have already answered, and I've compiled them here! Enjoy!

"[...] found dumped in a local park. Roughly 3-4 feet long, maybe a musical instrument case of some sort?"

Musical instrument case is right, and a rather unique one at that. It's a case for a sitar!

"About the length of a pinky finger, solid steel, probably weighs about a pound."

This is called a plumb bob, which is a weight usually tied to a string to achieve straight vertical lines in measurements. It's used in various trades!

"Embedded in a ceiling of a classroom, what is this?"

At first glance, I thought it was some sort of camera and turns out that was true! It's a document camera, probably installed above the teacher's desk so they can stream documents for the whole class.

"Stainless steel flatware with slats. About the size of a teaspoon."

Talk about a hyper-specific utensil, these are called 'butterers,' and are used for buttering corn!

"Found in a kitchen drawer. Solid wooden 'bat' around 10" long."

More specific kitchen tools, this is the press for a jelly strainer. Sort of like a pestle, but specifically for a strainer.

"These two pieces of wood attached by a nylon strap."

A homemade find, it's a set of wheel chocks, probably used specifically for unloading a boat from a trailer.

"This small object seems like it might open, says 'COSCO.'"

It seems like it might open because it does, and inside is a rubber stamp!

"Found sitting up in an attic, looks like its been there a while from previous owner."

A cool find, it's an old toy from the '50s called Wilesco Nuclear Plant Steam Engine. In better condition, some of these have sold for over $1,000 on eBay!

"[What is this] tower in the middle of a parking lot for?"

What's not pictured is how close this picture was taken to the coast, making this a leading light. Leading lights are beacons used to guide boats and planes.

"Found this in a cupboard at an old farm no clue what it could be."

How many extremely specific kitchen tools are we gonna learn about today? You make mayonnaise with this, drop your ingredients in and churn until mayonnaise is formed.

"[...] basket, the inside is in metal and the outside in wood."

With the cutest name I"ve ever seen, these are known as flower frogs. Fill the metal bit with water and arrange cut flowers through the holes in the lid!

"It is about the size of a hand, top is hinged."

Talk about amenities, this is a wall-mounted matchstick holder. Something worth keeping handy, I suppose.

"The larger piece has an angled base, and there are 6 smaller pieces that fit inside [...]."

This is a sort of shot glass set — more specifically, a station for chilling vodka — but the uploader is doing a fun bit of recycling by repurposing it into a propagation device for their plants!

"Black metal with three valves (?), spring towards the end of the longer valve. Rest of bar has older rifles and machetes lining going around the room. Piece of a [bagpipe], maybe?"

Bagpipe? Not quite, but it is a form of antique smoking pipe of German origin that seems to be missing the bowl.

"Door with a hinged section a quarter through horizontally?"

This fold is so you can open the door entirely without it sticking out into the room.

Fold it all the way back and those hinges will wrap around the corner and leave minimal protrusions.

"Small case attached to pocket watch chain."

That small case holds visiting cards, which were cards that used to be presented when visiting someone that had the visitor's name and address.

"What is this small, pin sized hole that runs cover to cover though this book?"

The hold did run through the entire book, in the front cover and out the back, and was likely a remainder mark.

When publishers overprint, they'll sell the excess at a deep cost, and mark all the books that get the discount. That way, stores can't charge the full price.

"Any guesses as to what this plane part is? Fell out of the sky in Colorado when that United engine failed."

In a hilarious turn of events, it's not a piece from the plane at all, it's simply part of a vape pen.

The uploader's dad found it when he was walking just blocks away from where plane parts had actually fallen and got excited.

"What is this thing on the fridge in my new place. There are small holes on the bottom too."

A simple, handy answer, it holds dish towels! I'm a 'hang them off the oven door handle' kind of guy but they probably fall less with this.

"My friend and I found this in a throw pillow she owns [...]."

After finding some batteries, it was confirmed that this makes that pillow a vibrating pillow! That plastic flap is what has it activate when someone lays their head on it.

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