Woman Online Refuses To Trim Her Facial Hair In Order To Land A Man

Do you think women are judged based on outdated beauty standards? That seems to be the case, at least from my viewpoint.

I find that it's kind of sad that men can live more freely when it comes to beauty regimens. With women? Not so much. So I'm thrilled to see this one lady take a stand and live her life on her own terms.

Many women feel pressured to change their appearances in order to meet society's standards.

Unsplash | Siora Photography

Women are constantly criticized for things like their weight, body shape, skin complexion, and even their body hair.

In recent years, there has even been a movement to reduce the stigma of female body hair.

"Januhairy" is an online movement where women give up shaving their body hair for the month of January. It's one way women online are trying to normalize body hair and show people they don't have to shave just to please society.

Now, one woman is going viral for her own stance on body hair.

And she's quite fed up with the standards of beauty women are pressured into these days. So much so that she no longer subscribes to them at all.

You see, this lady used to trim back her eyebrows and her upper lip, but not anymore.

Since March 2020, she has decided to ditch her razor for good. She pretty much knows that she's just as feminine as anyone else.

The only difference between her and other women is that she has a little bit of extra facial hair.

So what's the big deal? If a man decides to forgo shaving, it's completely okay. Am I right? So why isn't it okay for a woman?

I say, kudos to her. You do you, girlfriend.

However, this transition into going au naturel hasn't been without some hiccups. She sometimes gets weird looks from men. Some even yell at her to shave it off, which isn't nice at all.

You would think that she would get fazed by the rude comments, but she doesn't at all.

In fact, she thinks that leaving the hair as is will help her find a mate. This way, Eldina can weed out the men who aren't worth her time.

I say that's a pretty good strategy to use, no?

If a man is bothered by her looks, then he's only after that. At least, that's what I would believe if I were her. So what do you think of this dating strategy?

Isn't it annoying that men can do pretty much what they want when it comes to their facial hair?

I mean, there's been a slew of silly styles we ladies had to put up with, huh? Are you with me on this or what?

This whole experience has given Eldina newfound freedom.

Now, instead of fussing about what she looks like daily, she can focus on more important things and tasks in her life. Shouldn't that be the ultimate goal for us all, after all?

Online, many have praised Eldina for her confidence.

Her story and stance on her appearance have drawn attention from all over the world. Many people have reached out to Eldina online to send encouraging messages.

Others have even thanked her for sharing her story.

For women who have struggled with their own body image or body hair, Eldina's story has been very inspiring. She's helping others feel more comfortable in their skin.

Recently, Eldina made an Instagram post in response to all the attention she has received.

"I think we put too much emphasis on looks in [our] society, and see different bodies as having different values and meanings. But in reality they’re just our bodies, and how we look doesn’t have to hold any information about how we are as people, what our interests and dreams are or why we make the choices we make," she said in an Instagram post.

I have to say I pretty much agree with this lady.

We should all be free to do what we want to do, especially when it comes to our own appearance. Don't you think? So what's your opinion on this issue?

h/t NY Post