Matthew McConaughey Leading Virtual Benefit To Help Texas Storm Relief Efforts

We all know Matthew McConaughey is gorgeous and talented, but did you know how philanthropic and generous he is too? I mean, sure, we know he is so handsome and talented, and a total dreamboat. He's basically got a face hand-carved by God himself. Sorry, I'm getting off track... What was I talking about again? Oh right, Matthew McConaughey being more than a pretty face.

Well, all those points still stand, but today, we're going to be focusing on the amazing efforts the actor is putting forward to help those in Texas.

There is no shortage of people, and places, in need of help in Texas.

As the state continues to battle the impact of its unprecedented winter freeze, many celebrities and public figures are reaching out to help those in need.

Just a few days ago, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry donated funds to mend a damaged roof at the Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas that had been severely damaged by the storm.

Now, hunk and Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey is stepping up to help his home state.

This past weekend, Mr. McConaughey announced that he and his wife, Camila, are organizing a virtual benefit to help those in his home state that have been affected by the recent ice storm.

"As most of you know, my home state of Texas was just hit with the worst winter storm it’s had in the last 70 years," he began.

"It left a whole lot of people without power, without water, and without a whole lot of basic necessities."

"And while most of the power is thankfully being restored, the busted water lines from hospitals to so many homes has left so many Texans without the bare necessities they need to survive."

He told fans to "stay tuned" on the upcoming benefit, explaining the event would be held in the next two weeks.

"Right now is the best time to safely check on your neighbours," he told fans. "Go knock on a door. Go volunteer. If you’re a have, please help out a have not. There’s a bunch of ’em."

The fan feedback from Matthew's post has been incredibly positive.

"Can we please have this man as governor. Would seriously [be] one of the best political figures ever," wrote one fan.

"You are one in a million Matthew, the both of you.(Camila & You). That’s awesome," agreed another.

What an amazing effort from Matthew! This is the kind of generosity we need from all Hollywood celebrities.