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A Woman Took To Twitter To Warn Others Of Her Ridiculous 'Poolside Only' Bikini

Doing it for The Gram, whatever it may be, has become a popular slogan, insinuating that you do things for a good photo. And you can imagine people will do some pretty ridiculous things to get some 'likes.'

But what about if you want to do it for The Gram and also still do it for real life? One woman who bought a swimsuit is realizing that this might be tougher than it seems after her 'poolside only' swimsuit was found to be faulty.

Harriet Wright, a 20-year-old woman from England, decided to have a little photoshoot with her trendy neon pink bikini.

Instagram | @harriet_wrightx

She clearly was feeling herself, so why not take some Instagram-worthy shots for summer?

However, a picture says a thousand words, and she took to Twitter to warn others that this bikini is not all fun and games.

Instagram | @harriet_wrightx

She ended up finding out the hard way that this bikini is made specifically to just chill BY the pool, and not in any form of water.

She noted that this 'poolside only' swimsuit was actually in the 'swim' section of Oh Polly's website, where she ordered the bikini from.

She wasn't even IN a pool, and it ended up staining her bed sheets as well as her skin!

She continued, "The bikini itself is stunning but I wish I’d known it literally cannot come in to contact with any water at all or else the colour will run and stain everything including my skin!"

She was pretty cheesed for having to spend £40 (around $50 USD) for a swimsuit that she can't even wear.

Unsplash | Jesse Schoff

She did notify the company, and they're sending her a new one, which she says, "is useless since you can’t even wear it."

Is this a thing now? Are businesses really creating non-functional clothing just to take one Insta-worthy photo in?

So wild! Let us know your thoughts!

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