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A Groom's Ex Is Being Slammed For Choosing Wedding Guest Dress Options That Are Suspiciously Bridal-Looking

Wedding's are so interesting. As bride and groom, bride and bride, or groom and groom, you stand in front of hundreds of people and profess your love to each other and have people clapping at you and your partner while you kiss. I mean, it's a bit strange.

But what's even more strange is the unspoken etiquette that guests must follow, and it can create some pretty awkward scenarios if they're not followed.

One guest is in some hot water for breaking wedding etiquette with her wedding dress options that are a little too bridal for her ex-boyfriend's wedding.

If you're a guest heading to a wedding, your outfit of choice is very important.

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There's a lot of unspoken wedding etiquette out there, but arguably the most popular piece out there for female guests is to stay away from white and off-white colors.

The idea is that you're showing respect to the bride by not overshadowing her.

Well, what about if you're a bitter ex who's been invited to the wedding? Then maybe you DO want to wear white or off-white to make your ex jealous.

I mean, kudos to you if you're still on a friendly level with your ex, but wedding etiquette still applies to you.

One bride took to Facebook to get some opinions from her friends about a wedding dress option for her ex's big day, and people noticed that they looked pretty bridal.


"Want to make an effort to fit in."

People clearly saw exactly what kind of effort and statement she wanted to make.

It's safe to say that people were pretty flabbergasted and confused as to why she would even think to wear white or anything close to that to her ex-boyfriend's wedding.


"She wants to do everything to fit in as WHAT? The bride?," one person wrote.

Another person chimed in, "Tryna make that man regret that he's not marrying you huh?"

Ouch. Talk about aaawwwkkkwwwaaarrrdddd.

I wonder if she ended up going with any of these options? We'll be waiting for an update!

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