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10+ Mistakes In 'Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone' That Fans Definitely Didn't Notice

Alright, hate to do this to you Harry Potter fans, but its time to point out all the little mistakes in one of your favorite movies so you can never unsee them!


The Broom's Metal Seat

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but these wizards and witches are supposed to be sitting on the broomsticks, right?

Not if this scene is to be believed, where you can see the seat Harry is sitting on.

Where did that cable come from?

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In one scene, when Harry and Hermione are being chased by keys, Hermione goes to unlock a door and some random electrical wire can be seen beside her.

Wait a minute... there are no wires in the wizarding world!

Candles On Wires

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Sure, you may have thought they used real-life magic candles for Harry Potter, however, but you no longer think that now.

I hear it's because magic candles are hard to work with, but that's a stereotype.

Microphone Wires.

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I'm sure that if you were looking super quickly at the films, you definitely wouldn't have seen this.

Which is why we had to ruin your day and point it out.

The Magical Pokey Stick

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Before you get all uppity about animal abuse, this is how snakes are trained.

You poke them gently with a stick (usually out of frame) and then they do snake stuff.

Curly To Straight

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Well, it looks like either Hermione has a "straighten hair" spell (that would be hand, am I, right ladies?) or she has a straightener on hand.

Probably the latter, honestly.

The Broom's Footloops

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Seats, foot loops, jeez these kids have it easy! Back in my day, we didn't even use pads for quidditch!

Then again, with all the concussions, it's probably best we make the sport safer.

Wires Holding On To The Broom

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During the scene where Harry almost falls off his broom, he clenches onto the broom for dear life.

We're right there with him, at the edge of our seats, until we see the wires coming out of his sleeves.

Where's The Scar?

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Ahh, that scar. The thing that makes Harry Potter who he is, the one that gets him all the ladies. It appears and disappears in one scene.

Sigh... I wish an evil wizard would try and kill me!

The Hand

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Ah! What's that hand grabbing Ron by the back of the shirt! I don't remember disembodied hands ever going after Harry and the gang!

This movie is a lot more disturbing than I remember!

The Feet

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Ahh! Not only is there disembodied hands grabbing children in this movie, but there's an unknown entity standing behind that door waiting to get them!

It's like all my worst nightmares!

Fluffy's Dry Drool

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One moment Fluffy drools on Ron, the next he's perfectly dry.

And this wasn't over a long period of time, either, there is maybe a couple of seconds between these two moments.

Harry Switches Sides

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It seems that during one of the feasts, Harry uses an apparition spell, although we never see him learn or use the magic words.

Maybe he's secretly a death eater or something.

Where'd The Snake Go?

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One moment he's there, slithering and stuff, the next he's gone, and then when Dudley's in the tank, he's back again being a snake.

Maybe... it's a magic snake!

Hermione's Wall Spell

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Don't get me wrong, I'm certain there's a lot of magic and mystery to this world of magic and mystery.

However, I have never heard of any "lift wall" spells.

The mysterious shoe print

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During the scene where Hermione is messing around with that nasty old Troll, we can see a member of the crew's shoe prints on the wet floor around where she's crawling.

The magical changing garage

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One garage goes from having one car and being attached in the opening scene, to being a two-car garage and it's unattached.

Perhaps this is the magic of the neighbors getting a raise.

The enchanted supporting bar

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Really, Warner Bros? You couldn't get real magical brooms for your billion-dollar franchise?

Well, my immersion is completely ruined now that I know they're kept up by bars we're not supposed to see!

The mystical writing

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It seems that even writing on the page can be magic in the Harry Potter universe (we should've guessed based on the Marauder's Map).

Watch as it changes from small to big!

The Supernatural Club

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There is one shot during the troll scene, where the beast's club is on top of our titular hero.

But you can see the piece of equipment used to lift it.

The Astounding Envelope

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As we've found from this list, there are many magical things in this universe.

This envelope for one, that goes from being crinkled to straight in just one shot! Spooky!

The Uncanny Moving Stuff!

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Even the Dursleys experienced some magic (before they actually experience magic, I mean).

In one scene, the stuff on their breakfast table moves around... one can assume magically! Very neat!

The Mysterious Tape

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The book "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" describes this tape as: "a magical being that can appear anywhere, especially when the production crew forgets that it's in the shot".

The Strange Black Mats

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Interestingly enough, while there is mention of tape, no mention of black mats appear in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them".

Now that, my friends, is the biggest mystery of them all.