9+ Clever Beauty Hacks For Desperate Times

Every girl has a beauty trick up her sleeve that not only saves her time but also money. I know I have a few that I like to use. I'm sure you do, too.

So here's a list of helpful tips other girls have graciously shared so we can all stay beautiful on a budget. You're welcome, girl.

1. DIY A Face Sugar Scrub


You don't need to spend money on all those fancy sugar scrubs. Combine two parts sugar to one part coconut oil or olive oil.

2. How To Make Your Lipstick Look Matte


Some girls are using blush to apply that matte finish to their lipstick, and it apparently works really well.

3. How To Perfect A Manicure Every Time


I do my own nails so I'm all ears. I can't believe I've never applied vaseline around the nails for prep. What?

4. How To Keep Makeup From Moving While Traveling


You know those cotton pads, right? Just stick them in your blush and powders so everything stays put. This is genius.

5. How To Get Perfect Curls Every Time


I have such a hard time with my curling iron. I never know how to properly use it. Now I get it.

6. Get A Tweexy

Instagram | @thetweexy

This clever device will help you paint your nails by holding the polish bottle steady for you. Genius!

7. Use Up That Dried-Out Liquid Eyeliner


Just when you thought it was time to throw it away, try flipping the tip and it'll be good as new.

8. Baby Oil Can Double As Shaving Cream


If you ever run out of shaving cream but have plenty of baby oil on hand, just use that no problem.

9. Quickly Tighten Up Pores


Whenever your face is looking tired and dull just give it an ice bath. It'll wake up your complexion in no time. Wow!

10. Use Camomile Tea Bags To Soothe Tired Eyes


I use this trick all the time because my eyes get so sore after staring at the computer all day.

12. Give Your Hair DIY Hot Oil Treatment


Remember those hot oil treatments we all bought? I loved those. Heat up olive oil, apply and leave on for 10 minutes.

13. Use A Peel-Off Base Layer For Glitter Polish

XO Jane

Trying to remove glitter polish is the worst. To make the process easier, there are "peelable" base layers for your polish that will make removal a breeze.

14. Hot Glue A Plate To Wash Brushes

Instagram | @_recklyss.xoxo

Cleaning those makeup brushes can be such a pain. But with this cute DIY cleaning plate made using a glue gun, you're winning.

Wow, I almost feel like a sucker after learning these simple beauty hacks.

Unsplash | freestocks.org

How did I get so duped into buying all those unnecessary products? DIY all the way.

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