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Model Proves That A Size Small And 3X Can Rock The Same Swimsuit

Ah, swimsuit season. The time of the year when all we see strewn on magazines in the checkouts of superstores is how to achieve a "beach body" and "how to get ready for "beach body" season.

One model is proving that all bodies are beach body ready in a trendy one piece that looks absolute fire on all body types.

Alexa Phelece is a model who uses her platform and following on Instagram to promote body positivity.

Instagram | alexaphelece

She often opens up about conquering her own insecurities related to her body, inspiring others to be able to do the same.

She posted this radiant photo of herself in a trendy one-piece swimsuit from online fashion retailer Fashion Nova.

Instagram | alexaphelece

But, she admitted she had some hesitations about flaunting it.

She opened up in a caption that she was terrified to wear it, especially in front of hundreds of people at her Every BODY Deserves LOVE event.

She continued, "I was so worried about my fat rolling over the strings and what everybody was going to think when they saw my jiggly self wearing this but I [did] it anyways."

Instagram | alexaphelece

"This suit forced me to reach another level of confidence because I stepped outside of my comfort zone and just owned it!"

Now, that post makes me want to scream, "YAAASSS" to the heavens.

Instagram | @alexaphelece

But, what was even more powerful about her series of Instagram posts related to the swimsuit was her comparison shot with the model from the website.

"So here we have two girls in the same swimsuit. Let me just point out a few things," she wrote.

Instagram | @alexaphelece

She started off with the differences.

"One girl is in size Sm (I looked online) and one is in 3x- different skin colors - one may be considered privileged- one is more commonly seen as healthy based on size - one is more commonly recognized as beautiful on tv or media."

AMEN to all of that!

Instagram | @alexaphelece

She seriously looks stunning in that swimsuit and it fits her flawlessly.

She then moved on to very powerful similarities, saying, "Both are models - both are wearing the same swimsuit."

Instagram | @alexaphelece

"BOTH are beautiful - BOTH should be treated equally - both should be able to love their bodies - BOTH should be judged on the content of their character NOT their skin color and definitely NOT their size - Both women are equally capable and worthy."

"Let's not forget that."

Instagram | @alexaphelece

"Don't let the news, the media, the fashion industry, your family, or anyone else tell you other wise. Diversity is what makes this world beautiful. Embrace it."

Her post definitely helps us all see that there is no limit when it comes to fashion for all bodies.

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