11+ Parents Who Deserve All The Praise For Being The Absolute Greatest

Sometimes, kids complain about their parents and how annoying they can be. But, sometimes our parents can be our biggest supporters and our best friends.

This mom having an emotional journey watching "Queer Eye".

I mean, this has to be the most relatable emotional expressions of all time.

This mom who accepts her child no matter what.

After her daughter decided she was non-binary, she changed it up to still find endearing names for her.

This mom who came all the way to see her sick daughter.

She booked a flight and made sure she'd be there for her daughter.

This dad who saved the dog's toy.

He made sure that the toy got the full TLC treatment and made to look brand new again.

This mom who prepared for her daughter to stay over after a night out.

Twitter | @shelbydhamm

That's some VIP treatment right there.

This mom who dressed up as her own daughter for Halloween.

This is funny and adorable all at the same time.

This dad who genuinely trusted his daughter's advice before a date.

What a sweetheart!

This dad who sends his daughter updates of her own daughter all day while she's in class.

What a sweet gesture, especially when she's missing her baby.

This mom who knew how to cheer her daughter up.

Parents who stop to do the little things to make us feel better are incredible.

This dad who sent his daughter the sweetest package after a breakup.

The letter says: "Mandy, I'm sorry that guy made you cry. He wasn't right for you anyway. So, in the words of Taylor Swift (I think) 'Shake it off.' To help, wear the enclosed shirt to a party with your friends so they know you have high standards and can laugh it up."

This mom who is too sweet for her own good.

Honestly, there's nothing better than love from your mom.

This dad who wanted to show off his son and his boyfriend to his co-workers.

How adorable is this?!? Crying.

This dad who spoils his daughter in the best way.

She's going to have high standards in the future for men!

This dad who knew the way to help his heartbroken daughter.

We love parents who care, especially when we're down.

This dad who cannon-balled at the absolute perfect moment.

He knew that the splash would make the perfect backdrop.