9+ Hilarious Texts That Could Only Be Sent By Parents

With text messaging becoming the key way to communicate with people today, it's no wonder our parents are trying their hardest to learn how to do it right. But, all that effort sometimes goes out the window because some of the [texts](10+ Kids Who Deserve An Award For Hilarious Texts To Their Parents) they send are just... too much.

Wire fire... right.

Twitter l @just_chae

I believe it's called wifi, Mom.


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Every kid knows what it feels like to get the whole "you're definitely not the favorite" treatment. Except me, I'm the favorite.


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Mom coming in with the straight savage comebacks. Peak parenting.


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Mom needs to figure out how to use the buttons on the keyboard.

Decisions, decisions.

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Let's see... green means go, red means stop.

Deep thoughts.

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Only a mom would be this concerned about using the wifi.

Never a dull moment.

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Until you have a kid, your parents will never stop asking when you're going to have a kid.


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I need this kind of confident energy in my life every day.

A huge mood.

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Mom knows that we're going to go straight to Dad when she says no... 15 times.

Kids are always tech support.

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Selfies are not always our friends.


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Hey, at least Mom is being honest about how she feels!

No space bar, no problem.

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Answer back saying: "NotsurebutI'llseeyouwhenIgetthere."

Totally roasted.

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Looks like Mom's done with having grandkids to buy gifts for.

Truth hurts.

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Better to be safe than awkwardly sitting around the dinner table while your parents roll their eyes at your girlfriend.

Literal much?

Instagram l @embracingreality

Clearly, Mom doesn't understand.


Twitter l @epicarizona

Nothing like hearing about a death and then getting a "have a nice day" after.

That's not weird at all.

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Moms love to cause chaos at any moment.

Understanding emojis takes time.

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Some parents don't get technology, no matter how hard they try.


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Huge zing from dad.

I sure hope so, too.

Parenting is glamorous.

Thanks for the info, Mom.

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Dropping that much-needed knowledge on your kids.

Poor Mom.

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Oh no, no, no.

So sweet, Dad.

Tumblr | isolating-hearts

Only a dad would care this much about his own child's death.

Mom knows what she wants.

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No more tags on Instagram, kids, please.


This mom clearly plays no games.

Moms know everything.

You can run, but you can't hide the smell of vodka.

Corny but perfect.

Mom jokes are the best jokes.

When your mom starts learning the new dance moves.

Reddit | gixxerface

Do I want to see my mom attempt to dab? I think that's one thing I would be okay with passing on.

Wait until she learns about emojis.

Reddit | momtext

Ha, ha! I guess practice makes perfect when it comes to all those little keyboard shortcuts. She's halfway there!

Thanks to texting, we can now call out our parents for all the things they didn't teach us.

Reddit | BeOwned

Wow, this mom was totally unapologetic. Okay, but serious question: Who else had no idea what this compartment was used for?

When a joke backfires.

Reddit | brobradman

This poor mom thought this meme was from her! Oh boy, she is about to get the ultimate meme education.

This mom treats texting as a stream of consciousness exercise.

Reddit | StackerPentecost

I can't be the only one confused by some of these texts. It goes from drugs to dreams to... Christmas presents? Oh, moms.

“Your dad has a new look.”

Reddit | binauraljournal

Imagine waking up to a text like this from your parents. At least they're creative!

Don't you just love it when your parents give you updates like this?

Reddit | ForsakenMantra

I guess it just goes to show that even parents have some pretty facepalm-worthy moments themselves.

This family takes Nutella very seriously.

Reddit | imperfectofcourse

I would not want to be Julia right now. If she did take the Nutella, she better run out and buy a new jar before her mom really loses it. The lesson here? Don't mess with Mom's Nutella.

I wonder what this mom is trying to say.

Reddit | Andrewchu26

Hmmm, do you think her kid got the message yet? I really, really hope they called her. No one who uses that many exclamation marks in text messages should be messed with.

This sweet dad is just doing his best.

Reddit | greens_fees

When parents get a new phone, there can be a bit of an adjustment period. If your folks aren't super tech-savvy, expect a lot of messages like this in the beginning.

The answer is always garlic bread.

Pleated Jeans

Moms just know the best way to make us feel better. Their love (and garlic bread) really help.

Thanks, Mom.

Instagram | @bellaseciona

No matter what, your mom will always give you the best compliments. Even when it comes to your boobs.

We hope these funny texts from parents brightened your day.

Now's the perfect time to text your own mom and dad. Maybe if you're lucky, they'll text you back something just as funny as these exchanges.