8+ Awesome Designs That Will Make You Say, 'Wow'

Have you ever come across a unique design that really blew you away? I'm always on the lookout for stand-out pieces that incorporate aesthetics and functionality in one.

I've put together a list of cool design ideas I've come across recently because I believe they definitely deserve to be seen. Let me know what you think of them!

1. One-Of-A-Kind Bookshelf

Wow, how amazing is this bookshelf? This would be perfect for any bookworm out there. Can you believe the creativity here? Impressive.

2. All Cracked Up

Talking about unique pieces, check out this highly unusual storage cabinet idea. What a neat way to make it look like it cracked by accident.

3. Turn Table

At first glance, you would think this is an actual turntable but it's actually a working sink. Say what? This is a must for a music lover.

4. Bunk Bed Buddies

Is this not the most adorable idea for bunk beds to put in your kids' room? Wow, these kids look like they're loving it.

5. Cat's Eye

This might be a little bit out there, but I think any cat lover would be so eager to get this done in their bathroom. Meow!

6. Stylin' Wardrobe

This literally looks like a piece that could hang in a museum of some sort but it's actually a working wardrobe, too. This is so chic.

7. The Best Meeting Table On The Planet

Imagine having your next office meeting while you swing on this table? That would take things to a new level for sure.

8. Vintage Lamp

Reddit | keithrconrad

This amazing lamp was made from a vintage radio. I'm digging it.

9. Doggie Bed


Why get your Fido an ordinary store-bought bed when you could follow this person's lead and make one out of an oak whiskey barrel instead?

10. Cassette Tape Table

Some people can't seem to let go of their love for that little cassette tape they played as a child, and now, they really don't have to.

11. Cloud Lamp

Reddit | 8Sleepy8

Isn't this cloud lamp dreamy? I would love to have one in my room.

12. Submarine Crib


Now, why would you put your baby to rest in just a regular old crib when you could turn one into a submarine as this guy did?

13. A Cat Lover's Chair

Cats are such funny creatures. They always want to be where you are even if they don't want to be petted. They just love to be in your presence. I think they would love this rocking chair.

14. Enchanted Forest Cat Tree

Reddit | Thorn2800

If you really love your furry friends and you're also good with your hands, get a load of this. Somebody made this amazing enchanted forest cat tree that even the dog loves. Haha. This looks so cool.

15. Surfboard Cabinet

Are you a California lover? Have you always wanted to bring that surfer vibe straight into your home? Well, now you can. Check out this far out surfboard cabinet design that's bound to blow everyone away.

16. Kitchen Island Aquarium

Why have just a plain and boring kitchen island when you could have an actual underwater aquarium? Wow! I can't get over how creative this idea is. I never would have thought of something like this.

17. Magical Child's Room

I think every child should have a magical childhood. Don't you think? I bet they would have amazing dreams sleeping in a room like this. This is such an awesome idea. What do you think of this?

18. Amazing Bookchair

How brilliant is this design of a chair that fits right into the bookshelf? Wow! That's so interesting. And when you're done reading you can just slip it in. It also comes with some extra storage room.

19. Unique Pizza Oven


Wowza! I can't believe somebody built this amazing pizza oven. At first, I thought it was a fireplace but now that I realize it's a pizza oven I like it even more. That's quite impressive to me.

20. Circular Staircase

Instagram | @architecture.c

This circular-shaped staircase at Wiedeb+Kennedy in NYC is so interesting to look at. I think this is such a modern take on typical stairs. This is the type of design that would make a place stand out.

21. Cityscape Blinds

Reddit | AmazingScallion

Ever since I saw these cityscape blinds I've been wanting to get them. They're so fascinating to me. I think I would probably stay in bed a little longer so I could stare at them every morning. Haha.

22. Drogon 3D Printed Lamp

Reddit | lsmallsl

Can you believe this Game Of Thrones-inspired Drogon lamp was made with 3D printing? Wow, I can't believe the kind of stuff people are making these days.

I can't get over how creative and innovate some people are.

All these designs kick major butt and deserve to be seen by the masses. Let's spread the word, okay?

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