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11+ Seriously Cool Things Made With 3D Printers

Even though 3D printing seems like it just came out of nowhere, it's actually been around for almost 40 years. It still boggles my mind though how this technology even works to begin with.

But those in the know, have embraced it fully and are now making incredible things with it. Let's take a look at some of their amazing work.

1. Fancy Mouse

Reddit | tethercat

Why go out and buy one of those expensive computer mouses with a nifty hand rest when you can just print the hand rest at home instead?

2. Cool Doorstop

Reddit | Whoshabooboo

I dunno where you would even buy a doorstop like this. I just have a few lying around but it's so cool to see you can make one yourself.

3. A Doggy Friend

It's amazing to see that 3D printing isn't just for fun little projects but also for prosthetics like this one made for a very happy dog.

4. Robotic Hand


Amazing to see this high school robotics team used a 3D printer to build a functional robotic hand they then gave to a four-year-old born without fingers.

5. Helping Children

And here are more examples of amazing 3D prosthetics that are giving children back their freedom after losing limbs and fingers. This is truly warming my heart.

6. An Earful

Speaking of limbs and body parts, would you believe this is an actual ear prosthetic created with a 3D printer? Wow, this is something quite spectacular.

7. A Helpful Ride


This little guy needed some help with walking so his owner printed him a little walker on this 3D printer. I bet he's so happy.

8. 3D Printed Clothing

Reddit | -Damien-

I have to give it to Dita Von Teese for being the first one to wear a 3D-printed dress. Wow, this is quite stunning.

9. Bike Helmet


I'm looking to get a new bike helmet and apparently, this was printed with a next-generation 3D printer composed of different materials (rubber and plastic). Very cool!

10. 3D Printed Jaw


If you can actually believe it, this is a lower jaw created with a 3D printer for a Dutch woman. That is absolutely amazing.

11. 3D Printer Guitar

You don't have to worry about smashing that expensive guitar anymore when you can just print yourself one on your new 3D printer. So rock on!

12. Corgibone

Reddit | whicketywack

And if you get bored of making useful things for yourself with your 3D printer, why not have some fun and create something for Fido. Haha!

13. Waterproof Cast

Imagine not having to worry about getting that cast you just got wet in the shower. With this 3D-printed design, you no longer have to.

14. A New Beak

Reddit | DraftDraw

This toucan got a second chance when he was given a brand new beak, thanks to the help of a 3D printer. Aww, he looks so happy!

15.. Dino-mite!

Reddit | snowmonkey_ltc

If you've got an urge to see a dinosaur but don't have any museums near you, you can just print your own dinosaur skeleton model! This is an extremely cool decoration piece.

16. Bunny Armor

Reddit | DaoDeer

Okay, so this armor is probably less than functional, but it is extremely cute and definitely cool. This is one bunny I don't want to mess with.

17. Doggy Doorbell

Reddit | Nathanmichaelmoore

This is a doorbell for this Reddit user's dog to press when he wants to come inside. Sure, you can buy these online or at a pet store, but it's not nearly as cool as 3D printing one yourself.

18. Simple, Yet Effective

Reddit | theshrimproom

This Reddit user broke a ceramic measuring cup out of a set and managed to 3D print a replacement one with a very relevant message on it.

I didn't even realize there were so many incredible uses for a 3D printer.

I knew it was a fun little toy but it can also be quite helpful.

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