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Beware Of The Zombie Yardpocalypse Because Spooky Zombie Lawn Flamingos Exist

Plastic vibrant pink flamingos have been a classic lawn ornament for decades. Hailing from Leominster, MA, these flamingos helped homeowners distinguish their houses from the other post-war cookie cutter homes in the neighborhood and add some vibrancy to their lawns.

There have been many recreations of the classic lawn ornament, but zombie flamingos are here to add some cute spook to your lawn this Halloween.

Need some Halloween lawn decor ideas? Look no further than a flock of zombie flamingos to spookify your yard!


They pay homage to the classic vibrant pink flamingo lawn ornaments, but these ones have vicious teeth and lifeless red eyes.

People might think twice about stepping on your lawn!

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If you're interested in these harmless zombies, you can find them on Amazon, Walmart, and online home decor retailers like Wayfair.

Get spooky!