10+ Incredible 'Underboob' Tattoos To Consider The Next Time You Get Inked

Tattoos are becoming so popular that there are now tons of different designs and techniques to choose from. The other interesting idea is the placement of the desired tattoo. Women are now getting "underboob" or "sternum" tattoos that are both unique and beautiful.

Check out these elaborate designs and let me know what you think.

1. A Lost Angel

There is something so fascinating about angel tattoos. It could be the mystical idea of them or the elaborate wings. This sternum tattoo is so gorgeous.

2. Flower Power

A simple yet effective black and white flower tattoo design that fits perfectly in its desired spot. Definitely a bold choice but very well executed.

3. Sun And Moon

I seem to always gravitate to the sun and moon tattoos. I've even thought of getting one before. This is definitely a unique placement choice.

4. The Perfect Highlight

What a special way to highlight a gorgeous part of the female body. The underboob area can be a great canvas for an awesome tattoo.

5. Not For The Faint Of Heart

Speaking of a bold tattoo choice here. Wow, this amazing and very detailed piece definitely makes a unique statement. Amazing work.

6. Sunflower

I'm such a lover of sunflowers. They make me so happy. Looks like I'm not the only one. This upside-down underboob sunflower tattoo would make me smile.

7. Lotus Envy

This is such a pretty way to show your love of the lotus flower. I love the subtle shades of black, white and gray to highlight areas.

8. Egyptian Goddess

I'm absolutely obsessed with everything Egypt and have been thinking of getting an Egyptian-inspired tattoo for some time. This Isis goddess tattoo is speaking to me here.

9. A Piece Of Jewelry

Some people treat tattoos like an ornate piece of jewelry. This beautiful design does just that and what a perfect location for it.

10. A Mythical Creature

What an awesome placement idea for this Medusa tattoo. This shows that a large and elaborate piece doesn't always have to be a back tattoo.

11. Bold Like A Lion

Wow, this is such a powerful tattoo idea. I mean, you don't get any stronger than a lion. A tattoo befitting a queen.

12. Happy As A Clam

Similarly, with the lotus tattoo this clamshell design is so fitting here as an underboob tattoo. It wraps around perfectly and displays the area beautifully.

13. Feminine Power

I'm absolutely in love with this flower tattoo design. The flowers are so delicate and work completely in unison with the rest of the tattoo design. Stunning.

Honestly, as much as I love tattoos of all kind I've never thought of getting an underboob one.

But these designs are really amazing and bold. I'm really loving them.