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Tiny Floral Ear Tattoos Are Taking Over Instagram And I Need One Immediately

Take a walk outside and you'll notice that more and more people have some sort of tattoo on their body. Because of its growing popularity, there are so many different styles that have moved away from the bold lines and colors of traditional tattoos.

Delicate florals have become a tattoo super-trend, and now they are showing up on people's ears.

Move over ear piercings, because there's a new ear accessory in town.

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Delicate floral ear tattoos are making their mark on The Gram.

For people who want tattoos, but don't want them to stand out on their limbs, an ear tattoo is actually a great happy medium.

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When your hair is up or tucked behind your ears, you can show off your ear art.

And when your hair is flowing over your ears, you have the option to cover the tattoo.

The florals draw just the right amount of attention to the ear.

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I love the placement of these little foliage branches! It perfectly curves around the shape of her ear.

There are so many styles you can go with to fit your personality.

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This person chose to add a little flower at the top of the leaf stem.

If you're not sure about committing to a larger tattoo and want to subtly add one to your body, this is definitely the way to go.

I may just have to make one of these my next appointment!