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Hole-Punch Nails Are A Perfect Back-To-School Throwback

Wild and wacky nail trends seem to be all the rage this year. Groovy lava lamp nails made their mark on The Gram recently, as well as matching manicures with your pets.

The latest nail trend is sort of like the nostalgic jelly nails that blew through Instagram recently, which reminded us of those sweaty, yet stylish jelly shoes we would squeeze our feet into. They're hole-punch nails, and definitely remind of me of arts and crafts time in elementary school!

Heart-shaped hole-punch nail designs seem to be all over Instagram as of late.

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Is this August's nail trend?

The design is all thanks to a nail artist out of Los Angeles who goes by @britneytokyo on Instagram.

Instagram | @britneytokyo

She collaborated with Nail Labo to create heart hole-punched gel nails, and you can purchase them for yourself for only $24.95!

They're so popular even singer Rita Ora got her nails done by Britney using the heart nails.

Instagram | @britneytokyo

Rita got them painted in a groovy tie-dye pattern. I love it.

These colors seriously bring me right back to the '90s.

Instagram | @britneytokyo

These nails are seriously so perfect for the last bit of summer.

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