9+ Pics That Show College Students Have Life Figured Out

I can't believe it's already August and September is just around the corner. How does the time fly? It's almost back to school for college students and life will start to get hectic again.

So I thought it would be very timely to share some clever college life hacks that other students have graciously shared online to make your life just a little bit easier. You can thank me later.

1. Free Milk Refill

Imgur | HackNorton

Make sure you keep those empty milk jugs because refilling them with chocolate milk from the cafeteria beats spending your own money. Right? Ha, ha. Genius.

2. No Coffee Filters, No Problem

Imgur | HackNorton

There's an easy solution for college problems like running out of coffee filters. All you need is a cup, napkins and a rubber band.

3. Impromptu Shower Rod

Imgur | HackNorton

How awkward if you find yourself in a bathroom with no shower rod to hang that shower curtain. This simple clothes hanger fix is quite brilliant.

4. Water Fixes Everything

Imgur | HackNorton

I hate to run out of anything but running out of liquid soap is really not that much of a big deal. Water to the rescue.

5. Free Water Refill

Imgur | HackNorton

Speaking of water, how annoying that we have to pay for that too, huh? Well, water from the college fountain is free so fill it up.

6. Ironing Trick

Imgur | HackNorton

Who else hates ironing? Ugh, I do. But if your shirt looks super wrinkled and no iron can be found, this boiling water pots trick is insane.

7. Quick Warming Technique

Imgur | HackNorton

Who else hates when their takeout goes cold and there's no way to warm it up quick? I've never thought of using a blow dryer. OMG.

8. Makeshift Pasta Cooker

Imgur | HackNorton

So apparently, your coffee maker is not only good to make coffee but can have a variety of other uses like a makeshift pasta cooker. Whoa!

9. Snack Clip

Imgur | HackNorton

Potato chips can be a life-saver when you're cramming for an exam. But nobody likes when the chips go stale. Your pen can also be a clip.

10. Comfortable Study

Imgur | HackNorton

It can be hard to find a comfortable place to study but not if you're as creative as this guy. I bet everybody is jealous of him.

11. Coat Hanger Shish Kabob

Imgur | HackNorton

I've already shared a clever idea to use a coat hanger but making a shish kabob out of one was something I didn't expect. Amazing.

12. Tennis Racquet Colander

Imgur | HackNorton

Being away from home means you have to leave some kitchen gadgets behind. Who's got room to store that bulky pasta colander? Wow, impressive.

13. Popcorn Hack


For a popcorn freak like me, this hack is life. Ha, ha, ha. I should have used it last nite when catching up on my favorite TV show.

Wow, who knew we could learn so much from college students.

These hacks will not only help with student life but can even work during a zombie apocalypse. LOL!