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16+ People Who Gave It The Old College Try And Flunked Out

As disheartening as it can be to think about, we're not going to succeed at everything we do. That doesn't mean we shouldn't give things a try anyway, but we do so with the knowledge that there's a chance things might not go well.

And sometimes, our blunders can be so far from what we were trying to do that we can only shake our heads and laugh when we see how they turned out.

Hopefully, that's what the people who were responsible for these less-than-stellar attempts did.

1. Apparently, none of these demonstrate how you're supposed to spell the uploader's name.

Reddit | sturmeh

It's really hard not to be touched by how much they clearly tried to get it right, though. If it's any consolation, "Sjor" is a pretty cool name.

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2. It seems that a deer kept eating this houseplant and somebody thought they finally found the solution to this problem.

Reddit | pen_vs_sword

The good news is that they very well could have. The bad news is that they apparently didn't realize that it usually helps to take it out of the package.

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3. This person had the simple ambition of making a nice toasted ham and cheese sandwich, but it didn't quite work out.

Reddit | EdwardTennant

In fact, the only way it could have gone worse than producing this shredded mess was if the press had actually caught on fire.

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4. It's so sad to see something become the very problem they were supposed to fight against.

Reddit | grabpop19

They may be right that litter on the street reaches the beach, but there was a secret first step all along. It's only a matter of time before posters on the wall become litter on the street.

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5. Most of the time, this bridge is probably pretty convenient. Unfortunately, that changes a lot when it rains.

Reddit | Jomaced

Still, this can at least serve as a lesson to anyone who's hoping to design a bridge anytime soon. If someone tells you you don't need to add any drainage, show them this picture.

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6. Unfortunately, it turns out that "turn the lid to the right" isn't as clear of an instruction as it might sound.

Reddit | gummoo

Designs like these are probably why the terms "clockwise" and "counter-clockwise" were invented.

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7. There might be some reason why whoever made this thought it was a good idea, but if mug design has to be reinvented, this isn't how you do it.

Reddit | idiotic-fish

Presumably, a dishwasher could still handle the job here, but good luck washing it any other way. Enjoy pointlessly having less coffee in your mug, too.


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8. You might wonder what the problem is here. This seems like a perfectly comfortable seat.

Reddit | Turkish_Farmer

Indeed, it certainly seems that way, but the problem is that this seat is actually made from hard plastic and only looks cushy.

The question, then, is whether they were trying to make it look enticing or whether this was all they had to work with.

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9. Unfortunately, this reassuring message is not at all what they meant.


I think most of us can remember getting into trouble after some jerk assured us we'd be fine, but now it seems like one of them has let a sign do the talking for them.

They mean "fined," for the record.

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10. This store is really hoping you both wanted to see yourself and didn't need anything else in this aisle.

Reddit | mariobro6319

If there's one saving grace, though, it's that we won't forget where this handy outlet is. The awkward pillars that we grumble at tend to stick in our minds.

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11. If you'd like to go to the Brandy Melville store, I'm afraid I can only wish you luck.

Reddit | je_gro

After all, unless you make a habit of walking down the street with binoculars, you're probably not going to find this sign.

Hopefully, Google Maps doesn't keep up the gimmick and mark this store with ridiculously small print.

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12. It's hard to outline the problem more plainly than this.

Reddit | Puppy69us

And since those kids have already gone back to playing around, I assume this has been like this for a while.

So this car's bad time sadly isn't all that likely to turn good.

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13. Yeah, something tells me that this acronym isn't going to be very good at jogging people's memories.

Reddit | vampirewknd

As if putting a Q and a random number in it wasn't already making this way harder than it needs to be, there are additional obscure acronyms to remember like this is some kind of informational Russian doll.

Also, what is "200% accountability" even supposed to mean?

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14. I'm not seeing anything all that merry about the way this is supposed to go around.

Reddit | KnightNight00

Unless the kids are into even wilder challenges than I was aware of, I'm pretty sure that massive head trauma isn't most people's idea of a good time.

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15. The execution could use some work, but at least we know who they were trying to draw here.

Reddit | low-calorie-water

Still, we can only wonder what happened to poor Piglet and why Pooh looks so smug about it.

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16. Despite someone's best efforts, their attempt to replicate this pretty adorable crocodile resulting in something a lot more terrifying.

Reddit | MarquesdeCarabas

Personally, I like to think that what they came up with better represents the actual feeling of running across a crocodile than the example here.

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17. If it weren't for the graphic, there's not a very good chance that we'd even know the barber was trying for the bat signal here.

Reddit | feckinghound

So now it looks like the kid is doomed to a life of unintentional viral marketing for some obscure energy drink.

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18. I suppose Mickey's laughing because he looks less badly drawn than Donald here.

Reddit | eggzbennedictegglord

Plus, it's a lot easier to understand why Donald is so mad in this case. While we're at it, feel free to guess at what his foot is stuck in because I honestly have no idea.

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19. Unfortunately, it seems that whoever put this up forgot to ask themselves this question.

Reddit | Kung-FuPikachu

Well, the important thing is that we should never let a day pass without using our have brains, whatever those are.

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20. It's not impossible to see that all someone's unfortunate mom was trying to do was make some nice snowmen for Christmas.

Reddit | bjbaxter

Unfortunately, the one on the left doesn't quite hit the mark and the one on the right would only look appropriate in Halloween Town.

So, at least Jack Skellington would appreciate it. That's something.

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