9+ Photos That Prove There's No Love Like The Love Of Our Parents

As we get older, we grow up and move on with our lives beyond our childhood. But, no matter how far we go in the world, we know that our parents will never stop being there for us or loving us. Deep down, we know there's no love like the love from mom and dad.

This dad who made a Comicon panel for his son.

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Someone is way too young to attend the convention, but he did get to see Mr. Kermit live.

This single dad who helped his daughter pick out a dress.

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Some single fathers may feel like they're not good at certain things, but the little moments are what counts.

This mom who supports her son's gaming hobbies.

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Sometimes, you just need a little boost from mom to help you out.

This mom who dressed up for a "father-son" breakfast event.

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Single moms are always stepping in as both mom and dad, so sweet!

This dad who knows how to have fun.

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He made sure his wild and crazy hair matches his daughter's child and crazy hair. A true legend.

This dad who made sure his daughter's "grow a pony" really grew.

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She put the pony in water overnight and the next day, he replaced it with a huge pony.

This dad who built his daughter a mini Hobbit house.

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Truly, this is amazing craftsmanship and also so awesome.

This single dad who threw his daughter a Star Wars party.

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Even though he's a single father, he takes care of all of his kids with love and affection (and effort!)

This dad who helped his daughter overcome her hear of IVs.

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It can be scary to have a needle in your arm, but this dad was there every step of the way.

This mom who helped keep her son cool.

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Everyone knows playing goalie in the sun can be a total drag. How nice of her to make sure he stayed in the shade!