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Man Proposes To Girlfriend By Spelling Out 'Marry Me' On Map Of 15-Mile Bike Route

When it came time to pop the question to his girlfriend, one cyclist knew the perfect way to do it, and all he needed were a few bikes and his phone.

Jon Blaze shared the news of his engagement on Reddit and told of how he managed to pull off his elaborate proposal by using a 15-mile bike route to spell out "Marry Me" on his phone's map. Thankfully his girlfriend, Thao Nguyen, was up for the challenging ride, despite its unusual twists and turns. In the end, it was definitely all worth it.

The Houston couple met each other on Valentine's Day back in 2016, and Blaze said he's been thinking about proposing for a year now.

The pair share a love for bikes and even have an Instagram account together called Cycling Couple to document their passion for the sport.

"We ride together at least twice a week," Blaze told ABC11. "We also lead multiple social rides in Houston."

While planning one of their upcoming social rides, Blaze mapped a few special routes throughout Houston.

If all went as planned, the pair would finish the day having completed 15.7 miles on their bikes through the city and successfully spelling out "Marry Me" on Blaze's phone's map.

Their big ride began on March 20 at Buffalo Bayou Park. After an hour and a half, the more than 15-mile route was completed and the pair ended up right back at the same park.

It was there that Blaze dropped to one knee, showed Nguyen the completed route and its message on his phone, and then presented the ring.

"I went from being so annoyed by all the crazy turns we did to being completely shocked and with the biggest smile on my face," Nguyen said.

Along with the photo of the "Marry Me" route, Blaze shared the caption "She said yes!" on Reddit in the subreddit r/bicycling. It currentyl has over 8,000 upvotes.

The comments appear unanimous with everyone agreeing that these two cyclists are definitely made for each other.

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"If she played along with that bonkers route she's a keeper for sure," one user wrote, while another added that their girlfriend "would drop me on the first arch of the M."

In response, Blaze explained he gave Nguyen a heads up about the crazy route and told her not to ask questions, "just follow along." He also admitted she was a bit annoyed by it all, but kept on going and trusting him to lead her on their strange route.

"She's great," he added. "I'm so lucky."

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