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Count Down The Days To Your Favorite Holiday With Halloween-Inspired Advent Calendars

If you celebrate Christmas, then you may have an advent calendar filled with yummy chocolate treats to open every day of the month of December to get ready for the holiday. And for the Christmas-obsessed, the advent calendar might just be the most exciting part of the holiday, besides streaming the Hallmark channel 24/7.

Now the Halloween-obsessed have the chance to count down to their favorite holiday with Halloween-themed advent calendars that can be filled with your favorite candies.

You can make your Halloween countdown a little more exciting with Halloween-inspired advent calendars.

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Just like the Christmas ones, each day of the month is filled with whatever yummy Halloween treat your spooky heart desires.

Of course it's not a true Halloween-inspired calendar without 'The Nightmare Before Christmas.'

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The Etsy shop CubbyBearCrafts seriously makes the cutest Halloween advent calendars.

And if you don't have a super sweet tooth, there is always a number block advent calendar.

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This super cute count down display is brought to you by the Etsy shop JustFeltRite. It goes perfectly with spooky decor.

CubbyBearCrafts also makes custom advent calendars, so you can really customize your calendar to your spooky taste.

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What sorts of treats would you fill your advent calendar with? Let us know!

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