Bella Swan's House From 'Twilight' Is An Airbnb And I'm Already Packing My Bags

Attention Twihards — something super exciting is awaiting us mega fans in Oregon. The Bella Swan house is available to rent on Airbnb. This is not a drill!

You can really experience what it would be like to live like Bella Swan for a weekend or a few! I don't know about you, but I know where I'm headed for my next vacation.

Can you believe it's been over 10 years since the move adaptation of 'Twilight' hit theaters and soared through hearts all across the world?

I was 17 when the movie came out and had just finished reading the masterpiece that is Breaking Dawn.

Was 'Twilight' nominated for an Oscar? No.

But was the talent and story absolutely raw and mesmerizing? Yes.

There are so many iconic moments in the film that have burned happy memories in my brain.

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How about the classic scene where Edward literally SAVES Bella from getting hit by a car.

Come on!

What about when Bella finds out Edward's juicy secret.

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"I know what you are!"

"Say it. Out loud. Say it."


"Are you afraid."


Or how about just Edward Cullen in general?

He made us wish sparkly vampires were real.

No? Just me?

I could really talk about the 'Twilight' series for a very long time, but I'll stop now because I have a very important announcement to make.


I feel like, with Twilight's popularity, I'm surprised there hasn't been an interactive experience just yet.

Sure, we've been able to get our hands on some merch.

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I recently just scooped up a Bella Swan t-shirt from the thrift store and I almost cried from excitement.

But there's something way more exciting for us Twihards — FINALLY.

You can actually rent the Swan residence.

That's me, running to Oregon right now.

Yes, you can actually stay in THE real Bella Swan house in Saint Helens, Oregon.


The Twilight Swan House is the actual house of Bella and her father Charlie from the film.

It features 5 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and can fit 10 guests.

The real question is whether or not it comes with an Edward Cullen.


Well, it unfortunately might not come with a real Edward Cullen, but it may come with a cutout of him.

Choose your guests wisely because there might be some fights over who gets what room!


You can sleep in Bella's bedroom that features an actual cutout of the character. There is also a "Jacob Black guest room" that features a cutout of the human werewolf.

The owners couldn't forget about Edward, though. There's a "lookout" room that faces the front yard, and it's where Bella looks out the window and sees Edward parked outside.

You can recreate all your favorite scenes from 'Twilight,' because why wouldn't you?


This kitchen is an exact replica from the movie from 11 years ago, it's wild!

The house is a minimum two-night stay, but that shouldn't be a problem to do considering it's a short right to Portland.

The next guest's might literally have to drag me out of here if I haven't been able to book every day of the year myself.


Is it possible to do that?

Depending on what day of the week you go, the house will cost $330-$440 per night.


To be honest, that price is completely worth it, because getting to live like my girl Bella Swan is priceless.

Make sure you run and don't walk to the Airbnb listing.

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