The 'Steel Magnolias' House Is A B&B, So You Can Have A Whole Weekend Of Wonderful

We were certainly heartened when we learned that the iconic Steel Magnolias house is now a bed and breakfast.

We've always wanted to venture to where M’Lynn, Drum, Shelby, and the boys lived, and now we're even more excited to schedule our stay for ultimate coziness.

One thing's for sure, we'd rather have a weekend vacation of wonderful than a lifetime of never getting to see this special home.

It's going to be really difficult to laugh through the tears if you miss your visit.

At 5,900-square-feet of living space and six bedrooms, this home is closer to a mansion than a house.

Residing in Natchitoches, Louisiana, there's a wealth of Southern hospitality that will leave you in a heck of a bad mood for a long time if you miss it.

This house is taking us back to some of the most precious moments in our lives.

Steel Magnolia House

The guest rooms are named after Shelby, Anelle, Jackson, Clairee, and Ouiser, which is just too adorable.

Whether it's sipping sweet tea on the porch, gabbing over lunch at the dining area, or taking in the greenery that surrounds the house, there's something for everyone.

Honey, time marches on, don't miss out.

It's a perfect time to head over to the Steel Magnolia House website and book your stay.

Gather your girlfriends together for a life changing trip, because if the film taught us anything, it's to cherish our friendships and the power of sisterhood.

There, our secret is out, we are having a love affair with this house.

For the ultimate feels, book your room with your bestie crew as you laugh and cry while watching the movie all over again.

We can almost guarantee that you'll love the experience more than your luggage.

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