9+ Kids Who Took Savage To A Whole New Level

Sometimes, kids come out with the most insane and savage comebacks — we're almost confused as to how they got so witty on their own. But, we know deep down we harnessed that extreme savagery. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

This niece who bought her aunt a card for the "dog and party hat."

Reddit l Bubbaloosh

"My 4 year old niece can't read and bought me this birthday card because it featured 'a cute dog with a party hat.'" Turned out great!

This kid who clearly doesn't like his cat.

Instagram l @romesmyhome

Apparently, he has some mighty strong feelings in order to name his cat's house this.

This kid who knows his mom hates the word "moist."

Instagram l @fullerfab29

Why not practice that handwriting by making the word present ALL over the house?

This kid who had strong feelings about their mom's wardrobe.

Twitter l @LetMeStart

Clearly, they're going to be a famous designer one day with that attitude.

This kid who is an expert architect.

Twitter l @EvenTheDogsABoy

No one wants to see Mount Rushmore, dad. It's obviously not pristine.

This kid who told his teacher his mom drinks "Hinsey."

Instagram l @sikadenuraverag

Which, is obviously the wrong way to spell Hennessy. Spot blown all the way up, mom.

This kid who clearly knows way too much.

Instagram l @daily_gymmemes

Someone taught him early on the wonders of weightlifting.

This little girl who knows the deal!

Twitter l @WeNeedFeminism

This little girl has the right idea about feminism and equality.

This son who is a straight up monster.

Twitter l @VictorPopeJr

This boy has no idea how much bananas cost nowadays. Jokes on him when he wants a banana for a snack!

This kid who had some big threats.

Instagram l @og_oldenlegend

He wanted to get out of the house, or else, big problems!

This kid who embarrassed her mom to no end.

Twitter l @ariesraine

Ouch, imagine being that man. Gotta hurt.

This kid who has a point.

Twitter l @XplodingUnicorn

Not going to lie, the four-year-old knows what they're doing.

This kid who understands the powers of divorce.

Twitter l @JennyPentland

Who doesn't want two Christmases — right?

This kid who was brutally honest with grandpa.

Instagram l @thedailydad

Well, it's the thought that counts, right grandpa?