13+ Kids Who Are Way Ahead Of The Game

Sometimes kids will surprise us and prove that no matter how young you are, you can still be pretty ahead of the game. Just look at these kids who are way wiser than we give them credit for.

This girl who found out how to multitask perfectly.

Instagram l @maevecn

One eye on the iPad, one foot holding up the bottle. All moms everywhere should take notes. This is professional!

This kid who has the guilty look down.

Twitter | @callmehuss

I'd be mad too if you finished the entire thing of Skittles and didn't offer me one of them.

This girl who tried to convince her parents she can stay home twice a week from school.

Instagram l @itsmeganowens

The letter reads: "Your daughter has been accepted into a program for kids who don't get enough sleep. They are allowed to stay home twice a week if they do not get enough sleep. We especially want them to be able to get a lot of sleep. We are recommending she play outside til 7:30 every day unless her friend is not home or is unable to play. We also recommend she go to bed at 9:30 because of the time change."

This girl who was tired of holding her UNO cards, so she figured out a better way to play.

Instagram l @hissyfit_inc

Who wants to sit there holding an entire stack of cards when you can hold them up with a brush? Genius.

This girl who has life figured out.

Instagram l @mybattlecall

Living in the Bahamas with your tiny house and tiny dog and only eating fish tacos—brilliant. Avoiding people and crap all in one.

This kid who figured out the best revenge plan.


The best kind of revenge is a taste of their own medicine — even if it means pooping on someone's lawn.

This kid who figured out how to truly relax.


There's no relaxation quite like taking a hot bath and eating some chicken wings at the same time.

This kid who took things literally.

Instagram l @olesoul57

That is actually half a hot dog, so in reality, he wins at this one.

This kid who found a great way to cool his pizza.

Instagram l @af_1

When your pizza is too hot, sit in front of the air conditioner for a few seconds and cool down your slice.

This kid who found a genius business model.


After realizing stores overprice certain "brands" and words, he decided to raise the cost of his lemonade.

This kid who is super health conscious.

Instagram l @laurencarley

He's not entirely wrong, either.

This kid who is too clever.


I mean, my favorite Hugh is also Hugh Jackman.

This kid who dressed up as his mom and tried to get his cell phone.


After his school confiscated his phone, he really went all out trying to get it back.

This kid who made her own air freshener.

Instagram l @karinarudmann

Scented markers and a fan is all you need to make your room smell amazing.

This kid who wanted banana juice.

Instagram l @momheadart

It's pretty simple as shoving a straw into a banana and sucking the juice out.

This kid who wanted to keep her hands clean.

Instagram l @christy_lewis

All you need are some rubber gloves and you're saved.

This kid who's mom said she could only have "one cookie."

Instagram l @im_that_bully

So she made one giant cookie.

This girl who put legos all over the floor to keep people away.

Twitter l @Six_Pack_mom

No one can come over to her on the computer if they have to step on a bunch of Legos. Genius.

This kid who caught this awful typo.

Instagram l @kelly_gig

Rubberbands or fish? The world may never know.

This kid who made her own speaker.

Instagram l @asacredpearl_1

That is some innovation. Send this child to engineering school.

This kid who came up with the best business in the world.

Instagram l @livingwithkimberly

Guaranteed to make a solid profit.

This kid who is the ultimate lazy engineer.


Not only is he relaxing, but he doesn't have to move for a drink. Brilliant.

This kid who already figured out how to play the ladies.


This kid has one arm around his girl, and another hand holding another girl. The audacity.