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9+ Adorable 'She Sheds' For The Perfect Retreat

We've all heard of a "man cave", right? It's a place for a guy to retreat so he can do all the manly things he likes. Like watching sports, playing games or working on some side projects.

But what about a "she shed"? Ever heard of one? Well, apparently women have been getting them and they're awesome.

1. Imagine having a place all of your own away from the hubby and the kids?

Well, introducing the she shed: a female oasis you can escape into. Wow!

2. What a peaceful place to have to get away to for a bit from the hustle and bustle.

Perhaps you can read that book you've been dying to get to in here.

3. You can even add a rustic feel into the space so you can feel like you're at the cottage or something quaint like that.

What a great idea.

4. This can be a lovely home away from home. Don't you think?

And you can plant a lot of different flowers and plants around it to create an oasis.

5. Call it what you will, but how adorable is this "mermaid cottage", huh?

I'm loving all the pastel vibes here. What a sweet little piece of heaven.

6. Need a quiet place to get some work done for your side project without constantly being interrupted by the little ones?

This can be that perfect space.

7. Oh my goodness, I think I have fallen in love.

This is the cutest and most feminine little trailer I have ever seen. I want this in my backyard.

8. Is this backyard shed goals or what? It sure would be mine.

This place looks so inviting I think I would never want to leave.

9. This shed looks like it would be a perfect hiding place when you don't want anyone to know you're actually home.

Sounds like a brilliant idea to me.

10. I dunno if I would call this a shed because this looks more like a cottage to me.

But if that's what it is, sign me up ASAP.

11. You can even opt for something simple like this she shed.

It only needs some loving touches like some plants, bistro set and voilĂ  you're chilling in peace.

12. Oh wow, this adorable she shed is right up my alley together with this fabulous color scheme.

I could spend the whole day here just relaxing and reading.

13. Wouldn't you like to invite all your girlfriends for a bottle of wine and a chat session in this amazing she shed?

I totally would. Absolutely love this.

Okay, this settles it, I'm totally getting a 'she shed' for my future backyard.

I mean if guys can have their 'man caves' we really deserve this. Right, ladies?