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This Cute-As-A-Button Cabin Only Cost $700 To Build

The tiny home trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and with camping season coming up, we thought we'd share this adorable DIY tiny cabin.

With a small budget and upcycled materials, one couple set out to build the perfect summer hideaway so they could sleep under the stars.

Let's take a look at this cute and cozy cabin!

This tiny A-frame cabin was built by photographer Alla Ponomarvea and her husband.

Alla Ponomarvea

The couple built this cabin in Montana using recycled materials and items they had around their house.

All in all, this cabin took three weeks to build and cost them only about $700!

The time and cost of this project is really making me consider building one of my own. They're so cute and functional.

The cabin's solar panel creates enough energy to power a hot plate and even charge a phone or two.

Alla Ponomarvea

Not only is this cabin built from recycled materials, it uses green energy, too!

This cabin is the definition of cozy.

Alla Ponomarvea

The interior measures around 80-square-feet, so it is really like a dollhouse. The deck and surrounding space add a little extra room to fully enjoy the great outdoors.

Alla and her husband chose coral and teal paint to make this cabin come alive with character.

Alla Ponomarvea

Not going to lie, those are actually two of my favorite colors and I am loving them together! The flowers add a nice pop of color, too!

Inside, there are two small beds that can be pushed together and a small counter with a hot plate.

Alla Ponomarvea

This cabin is actually nicer than my college dorm. Now to just find a piece of land and build one of these myself. Imagine sleeping under the stars in this dreamy cabin.

The see-through siding is perfect for stargazing or seeing nature pass by.

This is definitely one way to wake up in the morning. I wouldn't hate seeing the sunrise from the comfort of a bed.

The cabin is even eco-friendly!

Alla Ponomarvea

It was made out of upcycled materials the couple already had. It even features a tiny solar panel to power the space.

The couple documented their building journey on their Instagram page.

This is a picture of what the cabin's skeleton looked like prior to it being finished. It's surprising that so much ended up fitting in there!

Alla and her husband actually made this into an Airbnb retreat for others to enjoy.

Alla Ponomarvea

I'm ready to pack my bags and head to Montana for a getaway in the woods! Are you?