13+ Hilarious Memes Only Women Will Understand

There are some things that are absolutely hilarious to women that men just won't understand. Us ladies go through some hard times — it's better we band together and laugh at ourselves in a group setting.

The humidity + our hair = disaster.


All women know that the moment the humidity index hits that point, it's over for us.

Men think they know. Oh honey, no.


I can't emphasize this enough: every woman has faked it at least once in her life!

Every woman knows the mood.


Stay away from us unless you have cuddles and chocolate.

We can't go without all of our products.


It's better to bring the entire makeup collection with us — we "might" need it.

We are always eating for two.


Quit asking us why we're hungry. We'll eat as much as we want.

The two ways to our heart.


Free alcohol and the ability to charge my phone? Sign me up.

Many of us look awful in a low pony.


We want that sleek Kim Kardashian look but we look like Thomas Jefferson instead.

Matte is not all it's cracked up to be.


It feels like I want to rip my lips off my face.

We overpack for everything.


I just need my face wash, moisturizer, tint, exfoliator... you know, everything!

Smooth like a baby's bottom.


Women always want to show off their legs after they shave.

We know embarrassment.


We thought we were Thor but, we needed one of everything because it's "so cute."

This is a true mood.


You don't know how good you have it until it's gone.

Someone explain to me how to be a girl.


I can barely match my shoes to my outfit, I'm too tired to do makeup.

Always remember your worth!


If you're complaining about his actions, sis, you're probably too good for him!

Never tell a woman to calm down.


She will rage up on you like a bull let loose.

This eternal struggle.

I have a love-hate relationship with sports bras. On the one hand, they keep everything in place. On the other hand, they are basically modern corsets.

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