10+ Photos That Show Why Women Are Actual Warriors

If you're a woman, then you know that we have to go through a lot. Periods, pregnancy, infertility, cancer screenings... the list seems endless. If there's one thing we excel at, though, it's the ability to conquer these challenges and use them to make ourselves stronger.

Society tries to make us feel ashamed for something that's totally natural.

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Women are constantly feeling like they need to hide their period products from the world.

Many women need to take birth control regularly, not just for pregnancy prevention.

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While some women take it to have sex without unwanted pregnancy, other women need it for medical reasons such as regulating their periods, helping with severe cramping, or PMS.

When going to the doctor, we constantly have weird things inserted inside of us.

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Every woman knows what it's like to feel a cold, metal speculum inside of them.

Our bodies can literally work against us sometimes.

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One woman described having neck pain from her breasts, so much so that her doctor thought she may have meningitis.

We constantly are under pressure to have children.

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Women are always being seen as baby makers, even if they are not interested in having kids.

When we do get pregnant, our bodies stretch to enormous degrees.

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When pregnant, our bodies can expand to ungodly sizes. And, sometimes, it stays that way.

Our bodies don't bounce back right away.

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Our bodies don't usually go back to what they once were after having kids, especially after a pregnancy with multiple babies like this mom.

Women are constantly bruising out of no where.

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Women are constantly waking up with random bruises all over their body, not knowing where they came from.

We're constantly being judged on our clothing and outfits.

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One doctor shared photos of what she was wearing on an American Airlines flight where she was asked to "cover up."

Some of us go through lengths to even get pregnant.


Some women have a difficult time getting pregnant and need to do things such as IVF, which requires a lot of pain.

Going for a mammogram is no day at the beach.

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Having your chest smushed between cold clamps is definitely not an ideal day.

Many women fight chronic pain and symptoms of incurable illnesses.

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Endometriosis is just one of many illnesses women suffer through that brings chronic pain and suffering.

And after all women go through, we still find the strength to carry on.

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This woman shared a photo of her body after pregnancy, surgery related to endometriosis and running multiple marathons. She's been through a lot but she's still standing.

Periods, am I right?

Many of us bleed at least once a month for a minimum of like three to five days, and it's not just the bleeding that's awful.

But, seriously. We have to bleed every month.

And we deal with it like champions.

One word: IUD.

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Yes, some women get these inserted into them to prevent pregnancy.

I've never gotten one, but I heard the process is no small feat.

When you just want to see how your baby's doing but this thing has to be wiggled inside of you to see.

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Yep, this is what is used for transvaginal ultrasounds. Fun.

If women don't give birth vaginally, their stomach are literally cut open.

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And the recovery isn't a walk in the park, either!

Our bodies are often scrutinized.

No matter the way we look, it never seems to be enough.

Thank God for the body positivity movement!

Our bodies sometimes beat themselves up.

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Thigh chafing problems, am I right?

Oh yeah, menopause.

As if menstruating wasn't enough for the body to go through, then your body wants to feel like a volcano erupting after is decides it's done menstruating.

Women have to go through extreme amounts of pain to give birth.

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Here's an image just showing how much your vaginal canal needs to expand to fit a baby.