9+ Photos That Are Way Too Real For Hairy Girls

Being a girl can often come with all sorts of girl struggles. And one of the most annoying ones is body hair. No matter what we do whether it's shaving or waxing, it keeps coming back. Ugh!

And don't get me started on all the products we end up using and throwing money down the drain. The struggle is real.

1. Looking forward to summer is so great.

But then you remember this and you start panicking and stocking up on enough razors and shaving creams to last you a year.

2. You know you've been hibernating too long during winter when your leg hair starts to resemble that of your boyfriend.

OMG, this is so true. Get a razor ASAP!

3. And then sometimes you just forget that there was something you were supposed to do in the shower and show up to the party like this.

It happens! Oh well, if Julia can rock it, so can you.

4. You're eyeing all those cute summer bracelets at the mall only to get reminded of how painful they can be.


This is a real hairy girl problem.

5. And how is this for a pretty sight?

Instagram | @theprettypimple

Did you know that shaving can cause ingrown hairs? So, what are you supposed to do? Let it all hang out?

6. You run out and buy every device out there that promises to give you a way to get rid of your arm hair.

Been there, done that.

7. You wake up one day in the morning only to realize you haven't shaved in, like, a week and you've got places to go and little time to spare.

Time to just shave to your knees and hope for the best!

8. You get fed up with the whole "women have to shave and men don't have to" rule that you swear off shaving only to give in two weeks later.

The important thing is to do what makes you comfortable.

9. You know you're a hairy girl when you and your cactus are basically best friends.

You finally found someone that can relate to you. LOL. Ohhh!

10. Your hate of ingrown hairs is so severe that you spend half of your day watching YouTube videos on how to get rid of ingrown hair in pure desperation.

Unsplash | Crew

Ingrown hairs are the absolute worst.

11. Then you switch to watching those sugaring videos that are equally addictive thinking, "This is the answer."

Only to find out that sugaring can be so painful you rather go hairy.

12. On the days that you need to shave you literally need to plan your whole day so you have enough time in the shower.



13. Sometimes you wish that all that grooming could come with some kind of other satisfaction but then you remember that it isn't so.

How depressing is that?

14. Girls with darker skin tones may have used this trick of using foundation to hide facial hair only to find out it just doesn't work that well.

We understand your struggle!

15. The amount of money you end up spending on grooming is becoming so ridiculous. Soon you'll need another job to keep up with it all.

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

That's so annoying.

16. Only you and your razor really know what the two of you go through. And you'll keep that secret until the day you both die.

LOL. Besties.

17. Your body has now gotten so accustomed to feeling pain you'd probably be able to withstand anything.

So just bring it on. I'm not afraid you say.

18. Even "Sesame Street" characters remind you of the last time you got rid of that unibrow and you panic and run to the bathroom to check up on it.

Although, thankfully, thicker brows are now in style!

19. You don't particularly find this picture funny because it could practically be the scene from your actual childhood. Oh my lord. That's pretty scary.

I'm lost for words.

20. And now you're discovering that there are other places you need to worry about besides your armpits and your legs.

Oh, crap! This is just getting ugly.

21. You fondly remember those times when you decided to be a little bit bolder with the methods you used to get rid of that unwanted hair.

Ah, good times.

22. You know you're hairy when prepping for a date takes you a whole week of grooming and getting rid of all that unwanted hair.

It ain't pretty either.

23. And when you get engaged, you know you are going to have to shave before posting any pics of the ring.


It's just a fact of life for hairy girls.

Don't you wish there was a way to just say, "hair be gone" and be done with it?

Oh yeah. That would be something to pay a million bucks for.

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