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A YouTuber's Body Positive Clothing Line Is Changing The Way We See Clothing Sizes

As body positive movements push forward, the more we continue to actively analyze and think about what being body positive means to us. This means that the narrative will continue to evolve and shift the more we participate in these kinds of discussions.

One body positive YouTuber and influencer created a clothing line to continue to shape body positive narratives through a new and improved clothing sizing chart.

Nabela Noor is a lifestyle and beauty vlogger on YouTube.

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She posts makeup tutorials, outfit try-ons, decor DIYs, and story times.

Nabela has had the chance to work with big beauty brands like Tarte Cosmetics.

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She's even spoken at the United Nations!

How cool is that.

She's very open on her YouTube and Instagram account about her life experiences and her thoughts on heavy issues.

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She is open about her body image, body confidence, and even, unfortunately, being cyber-bullied.

A lot of her Instagram content is centered on advocacy and empowerment.

She often leaves inspiring messages in her posts and for her viewers.

But, just because part of her focus is on body image empowerment doesn't mean that she doesn't take issue with the body positivity movement.

In a lengthy Instagram post she wrote, "What I’ve come to understand is that redefining beauty standards requires unapologetic defiance of the norms we’ve clenched on to for so long."

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"Are we making progress if the plus size companies and models we see representing our community subscribe to the same conventional beauty rules with a slight enlargement?"

So, she is taking social change into her own hands.

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She created a self-love clothing line called Zeba.

Nabela named the fashion line after her mother.

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Her mother taught her what true beauty is in life, and her name also happens to mean "beautiful."

So sweet!

While Nabela uses her social platforms to create social change around body positivity and inclusivity, she wanted to do more.

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The aim of her brand is to "challenge beauty standards and spark a self-love revolution."

The first item in her collection is a t-shirt that says, "Be your own kind of beautiful."


The text could not be more fitting for her line.

But, arguably the most important part of her brand is the sizing chart.

She wanted to create a clothing size system to empower women and shift sizing standards.

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She's dubbing this new standard "The Zeba Standard" to show that we are more than labels, tags, measurements, and numbers on scales.

This is what Zeba's sizing chart looks like.

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Nabela is completely getting rid of standard sizes like S, M, and L, and replacing them with empowering and uplifting words that make people feel good about themselves.

People are definitely here for this new and improved sizing chart.

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People are happy to be getting rid of traditional clothing sizes.

Of course, some people are confused.

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One thing at a time.

This Instagram user sees sizes as just a guide.

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But unfortunately, many of us do attribute negative thoughts and feelings to particular sizes, especially when our bodies change.

I personally love this sizing chart.

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It helps us associate clothing sizes with positive feelings as opposed to socially constructed meanings surrounding sizes. Maybe sometimes we're inspiring and fearless.

What do you think of The Zeba Standard?

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