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Amazon Tried To Use A White Woman To Model 'Hella Black Hella Proud' Swimsuit

You would think in 2019 we would have learned to be more conscious of how we advertise and market products, but apparently we haven't. Brands time and time again come under fire for creating products that target races and genders that are outright appropriative and plainly ignorant.

A retailer at Amazon used a white woman to model a black empowerment slogan, and it's just not okay.

A big YIKES goes out to Amazon for advertising a swimsuit with the slogan 'hella BLACK hella PROUD' on a white model.

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Are you wondering how this happened? Yeah, so am I.

The Twitter account DreamSeekersTalentMgmt called out the Amazon reatiler ZBBRDD for misrepresenting black women in their listing.

People commented on the post and were also outraged.

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According to Daily Mail, people were also quick to criticize the retailer in the reviews.

One review said, "Ummm, where do I start!? How about get someone African American to model this damn swim suit!? Maybe someone "hella black and hella proud" for starters!"

The brand's insensitivity didn't end there, however. Other listings show the same model wearing similar slogans.


It seems that the brand used a stock image and simply changed the swimsuit's color and slogan without even blinking an eye. Cringe level on 100, for real!

Thanks to the public backlash, the listing has now been taken down.