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People Tried Shaming Selma Blair For Taking A Bath With Her Son But She Wouldn't Let Them

Mom-shaming celebrities online has become the norm, but many of them are taking a stand. Whether it's Chrissy Teigen with her savage clap backs or, in this case, Selma Blair, these celebs are making sure to put the haters in their place. Maybe next time they'll think before they comment?

Actress Selma Blair has had a difficult few years.

She struggled with a mystery illness that baffled her doctors for a long time. Finally, in August 2018, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic condition which affects the central nervous system.

Despite the diagnosis, Selma has been able to maintain a great sense of humor.

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She shared this "MS Makeup Tutorial" to Instagram and it quickly went viral. Selma attempted to apply her makeup with her MS-related mobility issues. People loved her positive take on her condition.

While battling this condition, Selma also has to juggle the role of being a mom to her seven-year-old son, Arthur.

It's clear that Arthur is a positive influence on his mom's life and is helping her through this difficult time.

She recently shared a photo of her and Arthur embracing while she used a special mobility bike.

"I am comforted by those on this journey with me," she said in the caption.

And she recruited Arthur to help her shave her head into a pixie cut.

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Selma decided to shave her hair since she was experiencing hair loss as a side effect of MS.

Selma tries to do as many activities with Arthur as possible.

She posts tons of pictures of them having beach days or getting cozy in bed while watching TV.

She also opened up about the heartbreaking reality of being a parent with a chronic illness.

In a recent post, Selma revealed that she was away from home and Arthur while she received treatment related to her condition. In the post, she is seen holding a photo of her son while she explained how her family supports her and fills her with hope.

While Selma's fans have been supportive of her, a recent photo caused some controversy.

The photo shows Selma and Arthur in the bath together. In the caption, Selma wrote, "We always make our day work. My dream is to jump in the ocean again with this one."

Some said the photo made them "uncomfortable".

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This Instagram user described the photo as "inappropriate" and commented that Selma's legs were "agape".

Selma was quick to shut that comment down.

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With her usual sense of humor, Selma pointed out that Arthur, "came out of those gaping legs!!!" Selma, your clapback was savage.

Another user said that the photo looked "weird".


All it took was for Selma to reply "totally!" and that seemed to end the conversation real fast.

Someone else pointed out that Selma used the hashtag #BikiniBath.

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That means that she was wearing a bathing suit in the tub when she took the photo. For anyone concerned about her potential nudity, it was a non-issue this whole time.

Another user offered more insight.

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This user said that Selma and her son were bringing the ocean indoors since she is too unwell to go to the beach.

Overall, many of Selma's fans continued to praise this photo and offer their support.

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People have applauded Selma for openly sharing her battle with MS honestly through social media and this photo was no different.

Even though Selma defended herself this time, it's clear that her fans were ready to back her up.

All hail Selma Blair, clapback queen to mommy-shamers.

Honestly, Selma has more important things to worry about than a few internet trolls, and she let them know that!

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