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Mariah Carey Wants You To Know She Hates That FaceApp Trend

The FaceApp "old person" filter is everyones fav thing right now. And personally, I totally get it. Who doesn't want a glimpse into the future???

So many celebs have gotten in on the fun, showing us what our Instagram feeds will be filled with in 30 years time.

My personal favorite is this Jonas Brothers one, lol.

You know who has ZERO interest in the FaceApp fun?

Our mother lamb herself, QUEEN Mariah Carey.

Mariah has done fun viral things in the past, let's not FORGET her iconic bottle cap challenge.

We love our trendy internet queen.

But Mariah has made it VERY clear she has no interest in aging herself in any way, shape or form.

Getty Images | Romain Maurice

Her tweet was iconic just like her face and voice and hair and personality.

Her statement to the public reads as follows, "FaceApp is not something I acknowledge."

A gif of herself tweeted out with the message?


Fans were all in support of their QUEEN.

Why must she be expected to follow the trends when she's so used to MAKING them?

If you too would like to not acknowledge the FaceApp, you must give credit where credit is due.

To MOTHER Mariah.

So as far as Mimi is concerned— the FaceApp??? We don't know her.

Ageless LEGEND!

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