10+ Wedding Trends That Are Way Too Overdone

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding it's no wonder that people usually go for the true and tested ideas that are already out there. I completely understand since I'm currently planning a wedding of my own.

But just because it's hard doesn't mean you should settle for all the overdone, tired trends that LITERALLY everyone is doing. Right? Because these trends are done! Put a cork in it.

1. Boring Wedding Toasts

I get it it's the time for people to say a few words to send you off on your merry way. Keep it short and sweet.

2. Naked Cakes


I have to admit I'm a bit baffled by the look of the "naked" cake but also because no frosting means the cake will be drier. Why?

3. Champagne Tower

I also don't understand the point of it. It's just for looks. Nobody can drink from it unless you want an avalanche. So why have it?

4. Sappy Wedding Dance Songs

Nobody, I repeat nobody wants to hear another sappy Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz or any other overly used song as your first dance. Spare us.

5. Food Trucks

Unsplash | Isaac Benhesed

Food trucks as a wedding food alternative really took off a few years ago but now everyone is doing it. They're messy and time consuming for everyone.

6. Required Wedding Traditions

You don't absolutely have to have the bouquet toss, the horror for single ladies, or the slightly creepy garter belt toss for the single guys.

7. Personalized Napkins


I've never thought of this one but think about it, people are literally going to use them and then they will get thrown away. What a waste.

8. Spending A Ton

If you're spending a fortune on your wedding simply because you want to show off, you may be biting more than you can chew later.

10. Photo Booths

I'm still on the fence about this one because I think they're fun. But it's another thing that everyone does and I really want something unique.

11. Releasing Balloons

This might sound like a great idea but those balloons will land somewhere and can be a choking hazard for birds and other animals. Protect the planet.

11. Rustic Aesthetic

Everyone and their uncle is jumping on the rustic wedding esthetic these days. And frankly, it's just not that original anymore. So forget those mason jar ideas.

12. Baby's Breath Decorations

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

Speaking of mason jars, Baby's Breath, the most popular wedding flower accessory goes great with them, but it's just so popular it's not unique enough anymore.

13. Sparkler Exits

Unsplash | Fábio Alves

How festive those sparker exits look, huh? Apparently, they're so 2010. Instead, get your guests to throw seeds in the air so they can grow anywhere.

I'm so glad I read about these because I have to admit I was contemplating some of them.

Unsplash | Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Now I really want to find something a little bit more special.