11+ Side-By-Side Photos Of Couples Taken At Their Prom And At Their Wedding

When a relationship stands the test of time, it's a true reflection of the bond between two people. And it's even more apparent when it comes to high school sweethearts.

The following set of pictures shows couples sharing pictures of themselves at prom and then at their wedding and it's enough proof for me that love can last forever.

1. Sydnie Haag posted a picture of her prom vs. her wedding on Twitter and it started a trend.

Now couples are sharing their stories via prom and wedding pics.

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2. And this couple upped up the ante with a trio of pictures of them at the prom, their wedding and at their baby shower with a Halloween theme.

Twitter | @AmberLatricexo

It's like the circle of life... and love!

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3. How adorable is this sweet couple?

Twitter | @DarbySullivan

I'm loving that red prom dress. And it looks like this girl hasn't lost her flair for style because her wedding dress is on point.

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4. I guess red prom dresses were a lot more popular back in the day because this girl also rocked hers.

Twitter | @gR33DYgENiUS

And their wedding looks so nice and classy.

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5. Looks like this couple hasn't lost that awesome sense of humor because they're smiling from ear to ear at their prom and doing the same at their wedding.

Twitter | @laurenaissa

Awww! This is adorable.

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6. Sometimes your sense of style never leaves you.

Twitter | @Mirellazoe

Just check out this sophisticated bride wearing almost the same exact silhouette of a dress at her prom and wedding.

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7. Wow, and this couple pretty much recreated a picture with a similar backdrop to mimic their prom shot to their actual wedding photo.

What a cool idea.

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8. I've never seen a purple dress I didn't like and I'm loving this purple prom number.

Twitter | @ShayShayIX

This couple looks like they had fun at both prom and their wedding.

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9. This couple never lost their boho vibe all throughout the years and they kept the theme going at their romantic wedding.

Twitter | @reillyhasse

Check out that man bun. He, he, he!

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10. OMG! Thank goodness some hairstyles are not meant to last because somehow I don't see this look at their wedding.

Twitter | @samgrahamsmith

I wonder if she was thinking the same.

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11. Looks like this couple got quite busy and now they have their work cut out for them with a new baby and a furry friend to take care of.

Twitter | @DanceyCaldwell

It's crazy how much can change in a few years.

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12. That's quite a charming prom night photo if I've ever seen one and it looks like her guy didn't lose that charm over the years.

Twitter | @BriaMedeiros

Officer and a gentleman.

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13. Wow, that's quite the transformation this couple went through from sweet to vampy.

This bride even wore her mother-in-law's vintage wedding dress on her special day.

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14. It's an amazing feeling when you still get butterflies when you see your husband even after 31 years together with kids and grandchildren.

Twitter | @KellyJGuide

How awesome is this couple?

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15. Such a stunning photo of these two on their wedding day. Isn't it?

They were a cute couple at their prom and they're still cute together even now.

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16. I dunno if you would agree but I don't think this couple changed that much over the years.

Twitter | @Napkin_America

They're still adorable together as they were at prom.

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17. Oh my gosh, how sweet are these two at their prom? They look so cute and innocent.

Twitter | @ginellidesu

Looks like they've stepped it up a notch at their stunning wedding.

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18. Wow, that's quite a throwback photo of these two cutie's prom night. I love the vintage vibe of it.

Twitter | @SylviaPelaiz

And their wedding day looked so fun too.

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19. It's quite fascinating to see these progression photos. From seeing this couple as just dating to a beautiful wedding day to now having kids.

Twitter | @kirstenleighty

It's really inspiring.

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20. I can't get over how tender and cute is this formal photo of this couple.

Twitter | @amandalendawn

And when you look at their wedding day you definitely feel the love.

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21. I'm so happy to see that this lovely couple was able to find a much more suitable scenery for their wedding photos than this bland prom background.

Twitter | @ohanalucas


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22. Usually, you're more used to seeing the long hair on a guy when he was younger but how fun to see the opposite here.

Twitter | @omnomnaomi

What a fun-loving couple.

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Looking at these throwback pictures of high school sweethearts makes me wish I met my partner back then so we could post our own pictures like this.


How amazing.

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