12+ Women Confess The Craziest Things They've Done 'Because Of Hormones'

Every mom knows that pregnancy hormones are absolutely no joke. But, there's a stereotype against women that they're always controlled by their hormones — even before or after pregnancy. While most women hate it, it's true that we go through our "moods." And, to make things even worse for us, some women are truly admitting their "hormone stories" online. Some of them are too relatable.

It all started when Twitter user @tinytwink asked Twitter users to share the "completely irrational things they have done while being under the influence of hormones."

Twitter l @tinytwink

Women began pouring in with stories to tell about how crazy they have been during the "hormone strikes."

Another woman screamed at utensils.

Twitter l @carey_naomi

Naomi was so mad that the fork got stuck in the dishwasher that she began cursing it out, as if it could hear her...

This woman forgot everyday words.

Twitter | @jemilou

Jemma forgot the word "fridge," and began making up her own words for the thing that keeps our food cold.

One woman screamed at her phone, as though it would ever make a difference.

Twitter | @_the_biscuit

After being frustrated that someone took money from her bank account, she began taking her aggression out on her phone... and the bank.

We've all been this woman before.

Twitter l @ejp72

Everyone's had a "cheating dream." And, when we wake up, we can't believe that it was just a dream. Many of us believe it!

One woman threw an entire, fully roast chicken dinner, in the trash.

Twitter l @Emmawhizz

She was so angry when her boyfriend said "we had chicken yesterday" that she trashed the entire meal then and there.

Another woman had a break down in the pizza aisle because she couldn't decided what she wanted to eat.

Twitter l @KrazyBatLady

When women don't know what they want to eat, the right response is to pat their head until we figure it out. Great boyfriend!

Some women fly across the country to get away from a bad fight.

Twitter l @natsgnats

One Twitter user got into a fight with her boyfriend and flew to Toronto to get away from him. Not dramatic at all...

One woman just hates making sandwiches for lunch.

Twitter l @schnorks

This Twitter user said she got so angry and annoyed making sandwiches that she smushed them all up into pieces.

And, another woman said she had a full blown breakdown at work when her Kit Kat was stuck in the vending machine.

Twitter l @FollowRodders

Kristy R. even got sent home from work for the day because it was that bad.

When you really, really love a show

Twitter | @LifeWithoutLuna

We all have that one show we just love to pieces. Sometimes, it even moves us to tears.

One woman threw an entire pizza out the front door like a frisbee.

Twitter | @fitnotfat40

Sometimes, we think we messed up the whole pizza but in all honesty, it was all in our head. The ending of this one kills me though!

And, no one wants to be the last thought!

Twitter l @bl0ndie_20

One Twitter user cried because her name was the last one in the group work email. No one wants to be an afterthought!

One woman hated being ignored, so she smashed a table with a golf club.

Twitter l @sian220863

Sian was angry when no one would listen to her, so she smashed a dining table with a golf club. Totally fine!

This woman got a hotel because her boyfriend didn't want to put his laundry in the basket.

Twitter l @awlilnatty

And, on top of it all, she forced him to pay for her hotel stay. What a boss.

One woman was all up in her feelings.

Twitter l @muzzer_daftbat

I, too, would cry if I thought the dog decided on a whim that he hated me.

One pregnant woman thought her "son" was going to grow up and abadon her.

Twitter l @rectripp

Before her baby was even born, or knowing what sex the baby is, she had a full-blown breakdown.

Another woman called the vet for advice on her completely healthy dog.

Twitter l @knightswfc

She went into a panic over her dog dying, although he is completely healthy and totally fine.

One woman went off the deep-end.

Twitter l @felixslp

Every woman knows that once you start the crazy, you can't just stop the crazy mid-way through.

One woman was so angry, she resorted to anger.

Twitter l @Emunki

A point made is a point made, no matter how it's made.

Another woman was so overwhelmed by love, she cried.

Twitter l @Su_Barrett

I'd cry too if a good looking man showed up in a suit and chose to love me, sis.

And, another woman got upset after killing a fly.

Twitter l @izzymact

Some of us feel guilty over killing flies, some of us enjoy it. Some of us scream at them.

One woman threw an entire cheesecake out the car window.

Twitter l @iknowhim

After being angry with her impatient husband, she threw the entire cheesecake she just purchased out the car window.

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