10+ Times Pregnant Women Sent The Absolute Funniest Texts Ever

Pregnancy brain is for sure a real thing. Any mom knows that during pregnancy, your brain is just a complete and utter mess. That's why we have cravings and mood swings. Sometimes, we say outrageous things, other times we text them.

This pregnant wife who discovered her belly button looked familiar.

Instagram l @ezcamins

So specific. How many cat buttholes has she looked at in her life?

This wife who had to apologize for her "body mood swings."

Instagram l @m_scandy

She went from yelling at her hubby to farting on him all night long. Calls for two apologies.

Obviously, any food thoughts lead to cravings.

Instagram l @osemarylynn

We can't help it if literally, everything reminds us of food.

This wife who complained about aches and pains.

Instagram l @m_scandy

Of all things to hurt, her butthole was the one that was the most uncomfortable.

This wife who had a balance of everything good.

Instagram l @katelynnblinn

Life is about balance — the fattening cookies and then the healthy carrots. It's health, look it up.

This wife who had an emergency, SOS.

Instagram l @keelieanne

Everyone knows that a forgotten cheese sauce is an emergency, pregnant or not!

This wife who had endless requests.

Instagram l @m_scandy

Sometimes we want a little bit of everything with no judgments at all, ever.

This wife who has had it.

Instagram l @m_scandy

She's too busy to help and she's "calling in pregnant." Mood.

This wife who has reached her peak.

Instagram l @stephgordonblog

There's nothing quite like realizing you're everything you've ever wanted to be as a pregnant woman.

This wife who was ready to pop out a burger.

Instagram l @m_scandy

Sometimes, it just be like that sometimes.

This wife who has a good sense of humor.

Instagram l @m_scandy

At least she's ready to laugh about her pregnancy brain!

This wife who is ready to ruin it all for a 7-11 slurpee.

Instagram l @norayaghi

Obviously, any husband should know that you can't come home without a slurpee for your pregnant wife.

This wife who has a great appetite and palette.

Instagram l @socalfamilylife

From Reese's pieces to crunchy dumplings, it's safe to say these cravings are on point.

This wife who knows what's important.

Instagram l @alliegravitt

It's really important to make a blackened chicken quesadilla and everyone should know.

This wife who knows what is worth scheduling.

Instagram l @yveehops

Clearly, very important business.

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