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Jason Momoa Battles For Sustainability In Hilarious Anti-Plastic Bottles PSA

We've always loved and admired Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa, but his environmental awareness make us love him even more. Back in the spring, Momoa posted a video to his YouTube channel shaving his iconic beard to bring awareness to recycling and promote his aluminum-packaged water. He literally shaved his beard — that's how important this cause is to him.

Our environmental hero is at it again, and this time, he's tackling single-use plastic water bottles in a hilarious PSA to bring awareness.

Jason Momoa teamed up with former WWE wrestler Real Deal Mada to create a hilarious PSA to encourage people to stop using single-use plastic water bottles.

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In the video, Jason is first seen knocking plastic water bottles out of people's hands who are drinking out of them.

He says, "Listen. It doesn't matter how you hydrate, as long as you do it without using single-use plastics."

He gets to Mada, knocks it out of his mouth, stands in front of the wrestler and says, "what?"

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And what do we think would happen after a hostile Momoa approaches a former wrestler?

"Ahhh, like there's so many sustainable alternatives you can reach for," he continues, face bruised, implied that he was beaten up by Mada.

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He pours water from a reusable water bottle into a wine glass filled with ice, while he speaks of the importance of using these options "for the ocean, the planet, and for the future generations that depend on it."

Him and Mada then cheers in agreement.

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No matter how funny the PSA may be, Momoa reminds us that single-use plastic pollution isn't a laughing matter.

"So please, stop using single-use plastic water bottles."

Make sure you watch the whole comedic PSA below!

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