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Yes, A YouTuber Really Used The 'Ramen Noodle Hack' To Make DIY Acrylic Nails

People sure do the darnedest things online. From dangerous challenges, to weird eating contests, to chewing food in your ear, it seems that people will do anything to get their viral minute of fame.

Sometimes, these viral moments last a little bit longer. Not too long ago, a Twitter user posted a video of someone fixing a sink with crushed up ramen noodles. Who even knows how they came up with the trick.

Now a popular YouTuber is giving the unconventional repair hack a try to see if the hack would work to make nicely smoothed and shaped acrylic nails.

If you've been on YouTube for awhile, then the name Jenna Marbles might ring a bell.

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She's known for doing wacky and wild challenges, like slabbing on 100 coats of nail polish and fake eyelashes.

Now she's challenging herself to make acrylic nails out of crushed up ramen noodles.

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All she needed to do was crush up ramen noodles, dip her fingers in nail glue, and then cover them in the crushed ramen to coat.

"Tell me a scenario in which your acrylic nail breaks. The only materials at your disposal are nail tips, nail glue, and ramen," she sarcastically commented.

YouTube | JennaMarbles

"In what scenario do you not have acrylic powder, but you have ramen and you really need to be just fixing your nails?"

Okay, true.

Apparently it really smelled like chicken.

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Imagine this is the new nail salon scent.

Yeah, don't do that.

She then had to buff the ramen glue mixture to smooth and shape it.

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"I'm so upset because I know this is gonna work," she remarked.

"Who is this life hack FOR?!" she questioned.

YouTube | JennaMarbles

In a situation like this, it's best not to ask any questions.

Nevertheless, she continued her mission and moved on with applying a base coat, which littered the clear polish with chunky chicken-flavored ramen.

She was genuinely shocked how great the hack worked out. And honestly, so am I.

YouTube | JennaMarbles

"That is ramen on my fingers. It worked, and it looks beautiful."

She even tested her nails in water, and the ramen base didn't even budge.

YouTube | JennaMarbles

"I'm sad to report to you that this does in fact work," she concluded.

Welp, that was fun! I wonder what other kooky challenge Jenna will try out next!

What do you think about these wild ramen noodle hacks? Let us know!

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