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Bikini Chaps Exist And We're Just Really Confused

Let it be known that the 2010s will now be known as the weirdest decade in fashion. Toss out anything you thought you knew about wild, wacky, and tacky fashion from the '80s and '00s.

Sites like Fashion Nova and Boohoo have been known to produce some pretty questionable attire, but the latest garment that has been caught by the fashion police is from online retailer Pretty Little Thing, and they're already being charged harshly by their judges.

Pretty Little Thing is trying to make bikini chaps happen, and it's just not going to happen.

Pretty Little Thing

The bikini chaps are part of the PLT x Ashanti collaboration.

Ashanti, I love you. I love singing "Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)" and your part in "What's Luv?"

Pretty Little Thing

I love how fearless and confident you are to rock whatever you want!

But, I'm not convinced about this fashion moment.

Pretty Little Thing is selling the varieties bikini chaps for around $40 each, if you dare try them yourself, if only for scientific purposes.

Instagram | @prettylittlething

I guess Ashanti and PLT are trying to take these chaps to the Old Town Road, but someone please stop them.

I'm not the only one having a field day. People are savagely roasting the garment.

Instagram | @prettylittlething

What do you think of this fashion moment? Does it get your approval or should it be thrown in the fashion vault?

Let us know!

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