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Jelly Nails Are Summer's Latest Nail Trend And They Make Me Feel Like A Kid Again

Nowadays, it seems like we're in an endless loop of nostalgia. From popular TV show revivals, to band reunions, and even vintage pastry-flavored cereals, we just can't get enough.

Fashion and beauty are spaces that nostalgia has always been able to live and thrive, and be continuously recycled.

The latest nostalgic craze is brought to you by jelly nails.

Remember jelly shoes? How could you really forget.

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These see-through, gummy-type shoes were all the rage back in the '90s.

Even though they left our feet sweaty and blistered, we would wear them anyways, because beauty is pain.

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Jelly shoes were the shoes of the summer, so it makes sense why the nails inspired behind them would become the nails of the summer.

Can't choose one favorite jelly color? Get them all!

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These nails take rainbow nails up a notch with the addition of iridescent glitter and sparkles.

I've never seen see-through nails like this before!

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Honestly, I can't put down a good nostalgic moment. I am definitely here for these.

Would you rock these to your next summer bash? Let us know!

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