11+ Gender Reveal Fails Caught On Camera

It seems that today, more and more couples are opting to have "gender reveal parties" to announce the gender of their unborn child. While some parents want to wait to find out when the baby is born, others throw elaborate and over-the-top parties to share with their families and friends. However, not everything always goes as planned.

This dad was obviously not happy to find out he's having yet another daughter.

Yikes, he couldn't even fake his excitement?

The pizza topics were supposed to spell out the gender but... uh... that sausage is lopsided.

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The toppings are supposed to spell out, "It's a boy." But, clearly, Domino's messed this one up a bit.

These parents didn't even get to pop their balloon!

The balloon blew away before they could pop it!

One dad was so hungry, he didn't realize the cupcake was filled with pink frosting for a reason.

Um, dad? You just missed a huge announcement!

This company forgot to fill their balloon with confetti at all.

Well, that sucks.

The ball didn't get a hit, but instead bursted on the catcher's face.

But, hey, it's a boy!

This couple seems to be giving birth to a... pineapple!


How many jabs does it take to figure out the gender of your baby?

Too many.

I guess this balloon couldn't keep it together long enough.


Someone is not happy to have another sister.

Oh no!

Grandma obviously wanted a boy.

She didn't hold back.

This one gets an F for faulty box making.

We need the name of the person responsible for the construction of that box.

Right in the face! Ouch!

That must have hurt.

Wrong way, dad!

He'll figure it out eventually.

And, last but not least, the most painful reveal there ever could be.

Ouch, that must have hurt.

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