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11+ Hilarious Baby Shower Fails That Are Too Good Not To Share

Baby showers are a beautiful way to celebrate the anticipated bundle of joy about to enter the world. While our friends and families try their best to make the shower beautiful for us, sometimes things can be complicated when it comes to planning parties.

Cakes that definitely shouldn't have been made.

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While many cakes at baby showers are meant to be pretty and cute, sometimes people decide to get creative. Of course, that creativity can totally backfire — like this disturbing cake.

Someone get a refund on that sign.

Instagram l @whosthatmomitsjess

Sometimes, we order things online and expect them to come out perfect. And, we open the package and see that they can't even spell boy right.

This is a whole new level of typo.

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While the cake was supposed to read "Baby On Board," the mother-to-be received a cake saying "Baby I'm Bored," which, is definitely not the same thing — at all.

Pinterest fails for life.

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While we all want to make exactly what we've seen on Pinterest, we know that it's quite hard to make professional looking pastries — like these baby cookies that are a hot mess.

Some people just get it wrong.

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Sometimes, we get the gift wrong. Other times, we get the card wrong. But, how can you fix it? Easily, with a big crossed out "girl" and make it a "boy." Boom, better.

That bag is technically correct.

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Whenever you're gifting something for a shower, it's best that you get appropriate wrapping paper and bags because this reads pretty dang awful — although, someone is going to be born soon.

Can't anyone get the simplest of things right?

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While some things in life are hard to spell, others should be pretty easy. Spelling "shower" wrong for a baby shower sign seems... a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

These NSFW treats.

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Chocolate covered pretzels are a great snack for baby showers, but flesh colored chocolate can lead to a finished product that looks like...male genitalia.

Some people's art skills need work.

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Definitely supposed to be a baby bottle, but that top and the middle...it's starting to look like something totally inappropriate and X-rated. Definitely not for a baby shower.

Those poor babies!

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Getting creative with decorations is one thing, but making little babies into ice cubes to float around your drink, practically drowning, that's just horrifying.

Count me out for this game.

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Sure, baby shower games should stay within the theme of having a baby, but some games take it way too far. Imagine grandma playing this game? No thank you.

Take it back.

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This cake makes me so uncomfortable, that I would turn down cake altogether thinking I was eating a part of the unborn baby. It's too realistic.


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Baby food is cute, but an entire meat cake made out to look like an infant is both disturbing and strange. I definitely do not want this at my shower.

No one let this woman change a diaper.

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Baby showers usually include some kind of activity or game, and many times this means baby-themed games. Don't be the one who drops the baby at the shower, it's a bad look.

No nachos for me, thanks.

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Whoever made these nachos needs to learn that some things in life are better left unseen, like this baby "pooping out nachos." Take it all back, now.