Make Your Plants Your Pals With These Adorable Anthropomorphic Planters

Houseplants are a must-have for the modern millennial home. Collecting plants has become as common an activity as shopping for groceries is, and it's hard to stop once you start. Even if you don't have a green thumb, there is a low-maintenance plant out there waiting for you to forget to water it and still thrive.

It's even easier to keep your collection growing with these extremely cute anthropomorphic planters.

You can find these ultra cute planters from the Etsy shop CeramicSense.

Instagram | @ceramicsense

Abby Ozaltug, the owner and artist, creates these happy handmade planters.

She has a few different styles to choose from.

Instagram | @ceramicsense

Some planters are happily sitting for those houseplants that want to stay more grounded.

The plant sticking out gives the planter some wild hair!

Others are hanging, like this adorable one made to look like it's sitting on a swing.

Etsy | CeramicSense

I love the simplicity of the planters — they're not tacky and neutral enough to display in any room.

These planters are perfect for succulents or plants that like to grow pretty wild and hang over, like pothos.

Instagram | @ceramicsense

It's hard to choose just one, because they're all so perfect!

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