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Milk Tea Hair Color Is Gaining Popularity And It Is Absolutely My Cup Of Tea

It seems that naming hair color after food and drink is the latest trend. We've always called dark brown hair with reddish tones mocha brown, but there's also La Croix-inspired hair, and most recently mushroom blonde hair made its mark in the Internet world.

Honestly, the list goes on an on. And now tea lovers finally have their moment with milk tea hair color.

If you've ever tried milk tea, then you know you've tried a sip of heaven.

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It's basically what happens when you leave your earl grey packed with sugar and milk out until it gets cold. But better. Way better.

It's extremely addicting. Don't say I didn't warn you!

But, it's more than just cold black tea with milk and sugar. Of course, that's because it's now a hair color.

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While you can really dress up your milk tea however you want, the bottled versions are usually a light caramelly ashy color. I know, it's kind of an oxymoron.

Milk tea hair color is essentially the same — a caramelly brown with hints of ash strewn through it.

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It's the perfect low-maintenance hair color for summer — you don't have to worry about the color being stripped, and it will only get brighter in the sun!

This is a color that has me wanting to get to the salon ASAP.

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Would you try this color out for your next hair appointment?

Let us know!

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