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Twitter Can't Stop Talking About Prince William's 'Sour' Face During Archie's Christening

This past weekend, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son, Archie, was christened in a private ceremony.

So private, in fact, that only two photos were released.

And of course, Twitter hasn't been able to stop talking about it.

Sadly, it's wasn't about how adorbz Archie looked, though.

Instead, it's been all about Prince William and his supposed "sour" face because #priorities.

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The Internet? She lurves drama.

Now, unless you've been living under the biggest rock EVER, you'd know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently welcomed their first child together.

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An adorable baby boy named Archie (Riverdale vibes, anyone?).

He was born on May 6th.

As most royals do, Harry and Meghan held a formal christening for Archie.

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But they did break a few rules.

Unlike other royal parents before them, it was a very private affair.

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It was announced via a Buckingham Palace press release that Archie would be christened in a "small private ceremony."

It took place this past Sunday in the private chapel at Windsor Castle.

Close family was present for the occasion, including Meghan's mom, Doria.

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She has been having an "extended stay" with her daughter and son-in-law following the birth of Archie.

Two noteable figures not present were Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

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Despite some speculation, there was no drama behind this.

The monarch and her husband simply had "prior commitments."

Archie is Queen Elizabeth's eighth great-grandchild.

There has, however, been drama over Harry and Meghan keeping the names of Archie's godparent's a secret.

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The big question people are asking is "why?"

It was speculated that the godparents were mostly like not celebs.

the plot thickens

Confirmation came when ITV NEWS Royal Editor Chris Ship reported that the godparents "are not public figures or celebrities, but private citizens."

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"And therefore both they, and Harry and Meghan, don’t wish their names to be made public."

Unfortunately, Meghan's taken the brunt of people's anger.

People believe she's the reason behind why they're not releasing the names.

Can't we just let them live?!

Clearly not, since this recent royal incident proves that every move a royal makes is scrutinized.

It all started when this picture from Archie's christening was released.

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Um, can you say STUNNING or???

Of course, people zoomed right past the happy occasion and straight to Prince Williams "sour" face.

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Cause like I said, Twitter lurves drama.

Now, Twitter just can't stop talking about it!

Like this theory that adds fuel to the rumor that there's a feud between the two royal couples.

Poor William. His "smirk" has been receiving a lot of attention.

Maybe Kate cracked a joke?

Speaking of Kate, the Duchess was also under fire.

At this point, it's clear people want a Kate-Meghan feud.

CAN I JUST SAY(!!!!) some of y'all really out here acting like you've never taken a bad pic before.

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Just because they're royals doesn't mean they're not humans!

Have you ever tried to co-ordinate a group photo with nine people PLUS a baby?

It's absolute chaos, right????

This person thankfully saw things differently.


We're just going to chock this up to being an #AwkwardFamilyPhoto.

We all have some of them, like these unfortunate folks.

What's your take?

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Do you think William's "sour face" tells a deeper story?

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