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5+ Strict Rules To Follow If You Want To Be Archie's Royal Nanny

Being a royal nanny is a job only truly fit for the absolute best.

So, Mary Poppins, basically.

On top of being a normal nanny, a royal nanny has to deal with learning the ins and outs of celebrity, as well as royalty.

What will it take to be Archie's nanny? Let's find out.

1. You must be trained.

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More specifically, you must attend a dedicated nanny school to be trained to be a royal nanny.

According to The Telegraph, royal nannies are usually trained at Norland School For Nannies.

Prince George's current nanny graduated from Norland.

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The current nanny to all three of William and Kate's children is Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

She graduated from Norland, and has been in the employ of the Royal Family since at least 2017.

2. You probably have to be a woman.

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The Royal Family has had needed nannies in the past, and sometimes that comes with extra duties.

In the past, if a wet nurse is required, a female nanny is hired...for obvious reasons.

...But men may be royal nannies in the future.

The London Economic

If a wet nurse is not required (because it's 2019), it's possible that the Royal Family may one day hire a male nanny!

Norland College has just started admitting men to train as nannies.

3. Know how to fold diapers.

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Apparently, the Royal Family are not ones to use disposable diapers.

That means cloth diapers are the name of the game, so knowing how to fold and keep a royal baby secure in one is a must.

5. Be a badass.

No, really.

Being the caretaker to children that are literal royalty means dealing with the celebrity that comes with them.

In the event that any of the children are threatened, Norland nannies are trained in Taekwondo.

4. Makeup should be minimal.

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Because nannies are not meant to draw attention to themselves, any attention-grabbing makeup is out.

This is especially true for royal nannies, who are rarely seen as it is!

Sephora trips will have to be for the weekends, I guess.

6. Train up to push a heavy stroller.

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Apparently, the royal family favors Silver Cross prams, which can weight up to 80 pounds.

Skipping arm day is out of the question if you're going to be a royal nanny.

7. Hair must be worn up.

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In the same vein as the minimal makeup requirements, royal nannies (and all Norland nannies) must wear their hair up.

This is probably also key for anyone who nannies babies with grabby hands!

8. CPR is a must.

Because the royal family (or any family) vacations near water, Norland nannies must be strong swimmers.

They're required to take first aid courses, so CPR is also a big part of that training.

9. Drive like you're in "Fast and the Furious."

A graduate of Norland College shared some of the training she and her fellow classmates received.

One of the requirements? Skid pan training, in which they learned how to safely skid on icy or wet roads. This helps them avoid the paparazzi.

10. Know how to cook.

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Even though the Royals certainly have their own chefs, it's still a key part of Norland nanny training to know how to cook.

Even small, healthy snacks prepared by the nanny would be helpful for the family!

11. No social media.

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The only social media accounts run by anyone in the Royal Family are done through very official channels.

For example, Meghan Markle had to close all her social media accounts before her engagement to Harry.

A nanny snapping pictures of the royal kids would be a huge problem, to say the least.

13. Lead with love.

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Norland's motto is, "love never faileth."

The most important aspect of being a royal nanny is to be a warm, open person with a lot of love to share.

That, above all else, will land Archie's future nanny the job.

12. Teaching is key.

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Norland places an emphasis on learning through play, according to Hannah Brown, a Norland graduate.

It's key to encourage every aspect of a child's life to be a learning experience, so keeping up with teaching techniques is important.

Are you up for the challenge?