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Dads Support David Beckham After He Was Photographed Kissing His Daughter

In this day and age, it's common for celebrity parents to be trolled or shamed online. Sometimes, this happens when they are photographed doing normal things like showing their children affection.

That's exactly what happened to soccer star David Beckham after he was photographed kissing his daughter at a recent soccer match. However, the dads of the internet had his back.

As you probably know, soccer legend David Beckham is the proud father to four children with his wife, Victoria.

The couple has three sons: Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 16, and Cruz, 14. Their youngest child is a daughter, Harper, who is seven-years-old.

In the past, David has been criticized for kissing his daughter on the lips.

After he shared this photo to his Instagram account in November 2018, some users thought it was "inappropriate", while others said that it was a perfectly normal way for a father to show affection.

The controversy continued when David shared a video on his Instagram which showed him kissing Harper.

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While these images were shared in 2018, back in 2017, David said he kisses all of his children on the lips during a Facebook live interview, so it's really nothing new for him.

"I kiss all my kids on the lips," he said.

However, the video still caused some backlash in the media.

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Once again, people were divided over the video, with television personalities like Piers Morgan calling it, "weird".

At a recent soccer match, David was photographed kissing his daughter in the stands.

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The photo made headlines, but it looks like David's fans were quick to defend him online against the tabloids and trolls.

On Twitter, people shared that it was completely normal "bond between a father and daughter."

Many Twitter users shared that they kissed their own father this way.

Others felt that tabloids were unfairly targeting Harper, who is also an aspiring soccer player.

David and Harper were taking in the Women's World Cup quarter-final when the photo was taken. This moment of a father and daughter sharing their interests was taken in a negative direction by some tabloids.

But it was the dads of the internet who really came out to support David.

Other dads have been sharing photos of themselves kissing their daughters on the lips to show that it's normal shouldn't be judged.

It looks like dads are ready to back David up on this one.

You hear all about "mom tribes" all the time, but it looks like there are internet dad communities, too, and they are not here for this dad-shaming.